Best Exercise Machine for Thighs and Bum

Thinking of hitting the gym or getting some home gym equipment to help tone those thighs and better shape your bum? Then you will want to know what machines to hit.

The best exercise machine for thighs and bum development can be either a single machine, that targets both areas, or you can use 2 separate machines one for each muscle group. There are both cardio machines and weights machines that can be used. However, whatever machine you use you will probably need to include squats and lunges, either with or without weights, if you want to really develop your glute muscles. Let’s look at the machines that can specifically target the thighs and buttocks for fast development.

Best exercise machine for thighs and bum

Developing Your Thighs & Butt

Although there are machines in the gym, and also home gym machines, that can help you build up your thighs and butt if you really want to get maximum results you should also perform squats (if the machine you are using does not incorporate that exercise).

Gluteus muscles in buttSquats target the entire butt area and help to build and tone the Gluteus Maximus muscles for that round butt look.

Although it is a good idea to use machines to help develop your thighs I really encourage you to perform squats either with dubbells, a barbell or with no equipment at all, as this is the only way you will develop your butt to levels equivalent to a fitness model.

Of course if you don’t want a “big butt” then stay away from squats.

Squats will really target your butt but be sure to do additional work on your thighs, if you are not using a machine, to better tone them (though squats target those muscles as well).

Before I move onto the very best machines for thigh and butt work I think I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention the positive benefits of using cardio machines to work those areas.

Cardio Machines

Although cardio machines are not the very best machines for targeting your thighs and butt they will definitely help you greatly develop those areas while simultaneously burning body fat.

butt and thigh development on elliptical trainerIf you just want to target your legs and butt without worrying about fat burning then you can skip to the section about weight machines.

Elliptical Trainer

If you want to use a cardio machine to burn calories while you tone your thighs and lift that butt then they don’t come much better than an elliptical trainer.

An elliptical machine also has benefit of toning your whole body.

When we pitted an elliptical against a treadmill the results proved that as a muscle toning machine an elliptical trainer is superior.

So you will get a much better leg and butt workout using one of these cardio machines.

Elliptical Trainer Thigh & Butt Exercises


Another great cardio machine for working on your thighs, and to some extent your butt, is a treadmill.

treadmill for thighs and buttHowever, that doesn’t mean you can’t develop your glutes on a treadmill. You can use a treadmill to help you develop your butt and tone your thighs but you will not be using it in the conventional way.

You will have to incorporate lunges and squats onto your treadmill routine to achieve your goals.

Again I stress that using these cardio machines alone in the traditional way other people use them will not be sufficient to really increase your butt size.

You must either train using the exercises given here (or find others online) or include squats and lunges into your training routine.

However, using a treadmill has many other benefits and it is a good idea to incorporate it into your fitness routine even if you don’t use it to target your thighs and butt.

Treadmill Thigh & Butt Exercises

Free Weights

Using weights to help tone your thighs and develop your bum muscles will by far give you the best and fastest results.

squating with barbellDon’t be afraid that lifting weights is going to make you big and bulky – it won’t. To pack on muscle takes a lot of work and a very strict and heavy diet.

You have to work very hard to get big and muscular. It will never happen by accident.

Female weight training can only help you get toned and accentuate your natural female curves.

So don’t be afraid to use free weights – you don’t always need a machine.

Using a Barbell for Butt & Thighs

A great way to really develop your butt and tone your thighs is to squat and lunge while using a barbell.

The added weight from the barbell really forces your glute muscles and quads to work extra hard. This will tone that entire area very quickly.

Barbell Thigh & Butt Exercises

Butt & Thigh Workout Using Dumbbells

Incorporate free weights into your routine will get quicker results than using no equipment and many argue that it produces better results than using machines.

If you are performing no machine squats and lunges (see below) and are using a local gym or have access to dumbbells at home then I encourage you to use them as your results will be much quicker and better than just using your own body weight.

If you are exercising at home you can get fairly inexpensive dumbbells that are small and easy to store.

Dumbbell Butt & Thigh Exercises

Weights Machines

Just like using free weights there are weights machines that allow you to perform the same exercises but with the added convenience, and safety, of a frame.

Whereas with free weights you lift the barbell or dumbbell as an independent weight, a weights machine has less freedom of movement helping with correct posture when lifting and eliminating a lot of potential injury risk.

squat weight machineFor example there are machines where the weights are attached to the frame.

Full-Body Workout Machine

If training at home then using a full body workout machine at home is the best and fastest way to get into shape.

There are usually very good total-body machines available at the gym but you can also get very inexpensive home gyms that will work just as well for your purposes.

There are a number of different machines on the market for home use from the excellent Total Gym XLS to more the more budget friendly 1400 and 1600 home gyms.

A full-body workout machine gives you the added advantage of working out every muscle group on the body. But, even if you don’t want to hit every muscle group these type of machines are excellent for isolating specific muscles such as the leg and butt.

They work by using your own bodyweight for resistance.

They also take up very little space and are easy to store and almost all of them are foldable.

Home Gym Bodyweight Thigh & Butt Exercises

Local Gym Bodyweight Thigh & Butt Exercises

Bodyweight resistance machines are also usually available at the gym and being more expensive machines they may have additional functionality.

The workout below can be performed at the gym or on home equipment like the Total Gym.

Squat Machine

This is by far the best way to develop both your thighs and your butt but you should try to also incorporate lunges into your rountine.

squat machine at gymIf you are training in the gym this is the machine you will want to use if you don’t like lifting free weights.

The machine will also allow you to get right down with knees fully bent to put maximum strain on your glutes.

Squat Machine Butt & Leg Workout

Home Squat Machines

You can also get an excellent cheap home squat machine that will eliminate the need to hit the gym and let you train your glutes and thighs in your own time and in the privacy of your own home.

There are some great squat machines that have been developed for home use and these certainly help to build a firmer and rounder butt while strengthening and toning your legs.

Although there are some excellent exercisers on the market one of the most popular, due to ease of use, results and economical pricing, is the Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer

This type of trainer will help you squat without running the risk of injuring yourself and is the cheapest way to simulate a squat machine at your local gym.

Also, because the design helps you get much lower than you normally would using free weights it helps to tone the entire lower body from the glutes to the quads and hamstrings (back of legs).

You can also work your shoulders, your back and your chest by simply adding extra resistance.

home squat machine

No Exercise Thigh & Butt Development

Believe it or not one of the very best ways to develop your thighs and butt requires no exercise equipment at all (but if you want to push it hard you should perform the exercises with weights).

You can use your own body weight to develop your legs and butt very easily without the need for equipment.

Squats and lunges are the best exercises for targeting these areas of your body for fast improvement.

No Equipment Bodyweight Thigh & Butt Exercises

You can easily develop your butt while also toning your thighs by using only the weight of your body.

However, unlike a full-body workout machine (that also uses your bodyweight) you need no equipment at all.

No Equipment Thigh & Butt Exercises

Targeting Each Muscle Group Separately

Sometimes you may want to target your glute muscles to develop your butt but you don’t want to get bigger thighs.

Maybe you want to work your thighs harder while only maintaining your butt shape.

If either of these is the case then you may want to isolate the two areas and train them separately.

You may find an overlap in the exercises especially those that use no equipment. Don’t worry though you will be mainly targeting the area you want and not building up the muscles you don’t want to with these exercises.

Butt Only Exercises at Gym
Butt Only Exercises at Home

Thigh Only Exercises at Gym

Thigh Only Exercises at Home