Weight Loss Exercises With a Twist

Research Reveals Cardio is Not the Best Exercise to Lose Weight!

Many people believe that they must spend hours in the gym or starve themselves of food in order to lose body fat and get into shape.

Not all exercises are created equal

Not all exercises are created equal

And the truth is that losing weight can be a tough and long-winded process if you take the traditional route using calorie counting and lengthy cardio exercises. In fact cardio seldom works unless it is combined with a strict low-fat, low-calorie diet!

But there is good news for those of you who hate living in the gym and having to survive on rabbit food in small portions.

Now, due to major advancements having been made in our understanding of how the body works, losing weight doesn’t have to be hard work at all and it doesn’t need to involve lengthy stays at the gym or starvation diets.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the answer and is by far the best exercise for weight loss.

Effective Weight Loss Solutions

Extensive studies over the years have deepened our understanding of how diet and exercise effect the body; both negatively and positively.

Research has shown that not everyone reacts in the same way to the same foods or the same exercises. Following the same weight loss routine can mean weight loss for one person but weight gain for another due entirely to their genetics.

Not only have these new advancements in the understanding of bodily physiology and its relation to fat storage, and fat burning, lead to breakthroughs in exercise and fitness but the newest alternative to dieting based on body type can have you shedding body fat by the pounds without feeling like you are on a diet at all and often without the need for exercise.

However, when this type of diet, that is tailored for your body type and age, is twinned with the latest high intensity training routines it becomes impossible not to lose weight.

21st Century Weight Loss

This 21st Century approach to fitness not only involves diets that aren’t diets but exercising for weight loss no longer requires long stays at the gym or boring repetitive cardio that lasts 60 minutes or more.

The more scientifically designed aerobic weight loss routines, that use high intensity interval training, can get you in shape in a quarter of the time and with much less effort.

With standard cardio exercises you will normally burn more calories the longer you continue to exercise. But, with HIIT it is an entirely different story.

HIIT20 minutes of high intensity timed repetitions is all that is required to match a 2 hour standard cardio workout and the positive effects don’t stop there.

The fat burning effect of using a high intensity workout go way further than just what you burn while you exercise.

HIIT training does not stop when your meager 20 minutes of exercise is up.

Your body actually continues to target and burn fat for up to 8 hours after your workout is over because these specific exercise routines force your metabolic rate to go spinning into overdrive.

So, not only do you have to spent a fraction of the time exercising than you would if your performed normal cardio, you will actually lose weight at a much faster rate than you would even if you spent half the day in the gym.

This is what makes HIIT the best exercise for weight loss in existence bar none.

There is simply nothing better.

Why the Best Exercises to Lose Weight Don’t Involve Standard Cardio

standard cardioOver the years it was believed that standard cardiovascular exercises where the best way to shed body fat. Exercises designed to burn calories through sheer repetitive action are the cornerstone of most exercise based weight loss routines.

Running, cycling, swimming, jumping on the spot, step aerobics etc., have been a popular weight loss tool for a long time now but how effective are they really?

Sometimes it only takes a simple trip to the gym to see that normal cardio is seldom enough to shed those excess pounds.

It takes 30 minutes of normal cardio to burn off just 1 of these

It takes 30 minutes of normal cardio to burn off just 1 of these

All too often it is easy to spot how ineffective standard cardio actually is when you see overweight people religiously hitting the gym to pump hard on stationary bicycles or sweat profusely on running machines yet they never seeming to lose any weight.

It is pretty obvious that not all of them can over-eating.

The truth is that cardio is only effective for the short duration of time when you are actually doing it.

It takes about 30 minutes on a stationary bike to burn 300 calories but it only takes about 5 seconds to consume the same amount of calories if you eat 1 iced finger.

Can you see why cardio is not very effective without a strict low-calorie, low-fat diet?

Other Alternatives to Cardio

Many people believe that the best alternative to cardio is a minimalist approach using strength training and there is a lot of evidence to suggest this approach gets results (especially for women).

Strengthening the body and firming up the muscles most definitely forces the body to burn excess energy but not just during the workout.

Increasing muscle size and strength increases your metabolic rate even at rest because it takes more energy to pump blood around your body. In addition it requires more energy to move your body simply because there is more of it to move. You don;t even need to put on muscle mass to achieve this. Simply toning the muscles has the same effect.

The Best Exercise to Lose Weight is HIIT

By far the best exercise to lose weight and target body fat (instead of water and muscle) is High Intensity Interval Training.

Unlike other popular cardio exercises that reward extra exercise time with slightly more weight loss HIIT should be performed for only about 20 minutes as any more can be detrimental and is completely unnecessary.

The Best Exercise for Weight Loss: HIIT
Watch the video below for an example of some HIIT exercises. For more information on how to use HIIT as a rapid weight loss tool visit this site.

Remember HIIT works best with a customized eating plan. SO be sure to use all the tools available to you in order to see maximum return for your investment.