Cabbage Soup Diet Secrets

The cabbage soup diet is probably the fastest way in existence to lose weight without exercise. And the great thing about it is that the more you eat the more weight you lose.

The reason it is so effective is because cabbage is a negative calorie food and negative calorie foods take more energy to digest than they provide.

cabbage soupThus when you eat them they actually contribute to weight loss rather than weight gain.

The main drawback is that no matter what cabbage soup diet recipe you use it will always have only 1 ingredient and this makes it very limited and boring.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are actually a ton of tasty fat burning recipes available that blow the cabbage soup diet out of the water and they create exactly the same effect.

However, regardless of how boring you may find a negative calorie deit the effects on your waistline should make those dire mealtimes well worth the culinary discomfort.

Alternatives to Cabbage Soup

Of course you don’t have to stay purely on a cabbage diet. There are actually 18 other negative calorie foods that you can combine to make tasty and filling meals that stave off both boredom and hunger while blasting away body fat just as easily as a purely cabbage diet.

Alternative negative calorie diets exist

Alternative negative calorie diets exist

Any negative calorie diet will help you to lose weight quickly. You can find a reference list of negative calorie foods on this page that you can mix and experiment with.

Of course there is a multitude of ways to combine these foods for different meal plans and if done correctly you can even add bacon and other (normally) fatty foods to heighten the taste while still making sure your meals remain part of a negative calorie diet and thus stay as fat-burners.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is Not for Long-Term Use

Be aware at the outset though that although the cabbage soup diet is extremely effective for fast weight loss it should never be a replacement for a long term weight loss plan. This applies to any negative calorie diet.

Once you reach an ideal weight using a cabbage diet, or any singular or combined negative calorie diet, be sure to use a solid dietary plan to maintain your weight while eating healthily and well.

There are family friendly meal plans you can use to help maintain the health and fitness of your entire family. These can also be used as a weight loss tool in themselves especially if you do not want your entire family, or even yourself, to crash your weight too quickly.

You should also be aware that there are other alternatives to negative calorie diets that promote eating for your age and body type and that allow you to eat fairly large portions in diets that are customised for you.

However, if its ultra fast weight loss you are after, and you only follow this diet plan for a limited period, then the cabbage soup diet is an excellent way to kick start any weight loss regime or as a way to blast away that last remaining stubborn fat.

Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

A cabbage diet plan is fairly straight forward as preparing the main ingredient, cabbage soup, is pretty simple.

Just cut up a cabbage into small spices and then boil it with a little seasoning.

You can add onion for added flavour if you wish but you should avoid any other flavourings or stock.

Along with the soup you can eat most fruits but you must steer clear of bananas and grapes and any other high sugar, high carb exotic fruits you may have a taste for.

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The cabbage diet plan normally lasts for 7 days. Some people find this extremely challenging.

If you feel that 7 days is too long then aim for 3 days and see if you can continue once the fourth day arrives.

negative calorie diet foodsAvoid all beverages except for water. This applies to soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Consider taking some soluble multivitamins & minerals and vitamin C supplements to balance your moods and supply your body with the much need nutrients that will be missing from your diet.

Also be sure to drink at least 4 glasses of water per day. You would be surprised at how much fluids you will be missing out on due to the lack of tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Eat as much soup as you can because the more you eat the more weight you will lose.

Aim for 3 meals per day but no less than 2.

If you feel nauseous, very weak or experience unnatural mood swings don’t panic as some people experience sugar (and other) withdrawal causing symptoms brought about by such a sever change in diet. However, if this does happen to you then stop the diet immediately and start eating normally.

Day 1

Eat as much cabbage soup as you want. Remember the more you eat the more weight you will lose.

Add some fruit to your diet avoiding high sugar & high carb fruits such as bananas.

Day 2

Again eat as much cabbage soup as you can.

leafy green vegetablesYou can also add other vegetables preferably steamed.

There are specific types of food that you must avoid in order to get maximum benefit from your hard work. There is nothing worse than putting in the effort just to see no weight loss due to making a few simple but unknown mistakes.

If you are in doubt a simple rule of thumb is to eat only leafy greens while avoiding anything white and stay away from potatoes.

Day 3

Eat as much soup as you want and mix in to your diet both the fruits from day 1 and the vegetables from day 2.

Day 4

On day 4 you can indulge in a few carbs as this can actually help to boost your metabolism by stopping your body going into starvation mode.

high carb fruitBananas, grapes and potatoes are high carb foods that are completely acceptable on this day.

You can choose any high carb fruit or veg you want, in moderation, but stay away from fatty high carb processed foods and treats such as chocolate or donoughts.

You should continue to eat as much soup as you can stomach.

Eating lots of cabbage soup at this stage can be difficult when you know you are allowed to eat high carb alternatives.

So, use some willpower and make sure you have at least one bowl of soup with every meal.

Day 5

The diet gets a bit easier at this stage as you can eat steamed fish (avoid salmon), broiled or grilled lean steak/beef or broiled skinless chicken (you may not use the remaining water as stock).

Day 6

Take soup for 2 of your 3 daily meals and eat as much as you can.

The third meal can be any of the vegetables identified on Day 1 in large quantities and about 100g of any type of lean meat although broiled skinless chicken or steamed fish is best.

Day 7

As this is the last day of your diet you will slowly readjust your body to eating normally again.

You can eat as much soup as you want but make sure you also eat the recommendations below.

steamed fish and vegetablesEat the following in any combination you like at any meal time you prefer.

100g of brown rice (no white rice).

2 separate glasses of 220ml fresh juice (not soda or sugary artificial juice).

As much of any type of vegetables that you want.

100g of broiled/grilled beef/chicken or steamed/grilled fish.

2 – 3 whole fruits such as apples or oranges.

If the Cabbage Soup Diet is Too Restrictive

Obviously the cabbage soup diet plan is fairly restrictive and eating the soup can become a real chore. So much so that it is difficult for many people to see the diet through to completion and many who do find themselves skipping meals just avoid eating cabbage soup again.

The most sensible workaround for this is to incorporate all 18 fat burning foods into a negative calorie diet that has an array different recipes. This eliminates the risk of getting bored eating the same thing every day and should be enough to stop you from giving up or skipping those all important fat burning meals.

Beyond the Cabbage Soup Diet

If you stick to the diet religiously you will be amazed at the results.

Regardless of how much weight you lose do not be tempted to continue on the cabbage soup diet (or any other negative calorie diet) past the 7th day.

You can repeat the process again after a few weeks break but really the 10 – 14 lbs weight loss you will get from the cabbage soup diet should be viewed as merely a kick start to your overall weight loss objectives and you should consider a more permanent change to your eating habits and lifestyle.