How to Burn Belly Fat

Although people gain weight in many different areas of the body the biggest concern among dieters is belly fat. Of all those problem areas belly fat is often the most unsightly and it can be the most stubborn of all areas resisting all forms of diet and exercise. But it’s not just how it looks that is the problem.

How to Burn Belly FatBelly fat leads to other annoyances that go far beyond mere vanity.

Carrying weight in this area can make it difficult to find correctly fitting clothes as the larger sizes that are necessary to cover the tummy area tend to sag and hang loosely around the neck, shoulders and arms.

Research has also shown a direct link between increased belly fat and an increased risk of developing cancer. Yet belly fat can be one of the easiest things to eliminate through diet alone.

Men tend to put on belly fat faster than women and this is the first area the male body deposits its excess calories. Women tend to put weight on in the lower regions with the belly being one of the last places to store fat.

For this reason men will respond to stomach fat burning activities faster than women. It isn’t that they are losing weight any quicker, it is just that women will tend to burn the fat from their thighs, buttocks and arms before burning off tummy fat.

This is completely natural and there is really no way around it. You can’t just target belly fat – unless you get liposuction.

The activities needed to burn belly fat for women however are exactly the same same as they are for men.

Are There Exercises To Target Stomach Fat?

If you were to judge by television & magazine advertisements you would be forgiven for believing that there are definite ways to burn stomach fat based around specific fitness and exercise techniques and would also be mistaken for thinking that belly fat burning exercises for men are not the same as those used to burn belly fat for women. This is a myth.

Belly Fat Burning ExercisesThe same exercises to reduce belly fat work for both genders. Fad exercise routines are like fad diets – they rarely work!

There are obviously different types of exercises developed for men and women to create different results but this is more for convenience and preference than results.

Obviously the exercises designed to develop ripped abs are more suited to men while this type of diet and exercise approach is more suited to women.

The truth is that using the latest gizmo, which claims to easily burn abdominal fat through stomach crunches or other similar activities, is unlikely to decrease belly fat.

Such exercises merely tone the abdominal muscles but do nothing to target the layer of fat that is hiding those muscles. The abdominal muscles are a small muscle group that are relatively weak. It is difficult to burn enough calories while working this group of muscles to lead to weight loss.

You would be better exercising the bigger muscle groups that require you to burn more energy during the exercise.

The best exercises to burn stomach fat therefore work the larger muscle groups, such as the thighs, and cause your heart to pump at a faster rate, make you sweat and thus cause you to burn large amounts of calories that your body gets from your fat reserves.

Fat Burning Exercises:

  • Running
  • Lifting Weights
  • Swimming
  • HIIT
  • Fast Sports
  • Any exercise that raises your heart rate, forces you to breathe deeply and makes you sweat.

While exercise plays an important role is the battle of the bulge there is a saying in the bodybuilding world which aptly applies to belly fat: “Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym”.

This could just as easily state:

A flat tummy is made in the kitchen not the gym.

So let’s get to work making that flat tummy. And you must start by knowing what you shouldn’t be eating.

Fast (Fat) Food

Fast food appears to be the desired choice of the average American and a growing number of Europeans & Australians.

fast foodNot only are these fast foods fattening but the vast majority of them are downright harmful.

Unfortunately though we live in such a fast paced world that convenience food is often the only option available to busy people.

From fast food shops to processed food, designed for easy fast cooking, it is often difficult to avoid this harmful dietary trend. However, if you want to get rid of your gut avoid it you must.

Every grocery outlet now has many displays of healthy eating options even in the convenience aisles.

There are even a growing number of convenience & fast food outlets that are serving healthy options, with low fat and low carb alternatives. You don’t always have to get your fast food from a deep fat fryer!

There are also other foods that may appear to be a healthy option but that are in fact a hidden dangers lurking in your cupboards.

You may know that bananas for example are a high carb food that, although healthy and nutritious, should be avoided while dieting due to their fattening qualities.


Finding a diet for losing belly fat is a relatively straightforward matter as long as you opt for the long-term change to your eating habits and don’t get dazzled by the allure of a quick fix solution.

burn belly fat men“Quick fixes” always fail to deliver long term benefits and permanent fat loss because they require only short-term changes to your eating habits.

Once the diet is over 99% of people return to their former eating habits and thus regain all their lost weight.

That’s why fad diets never work.

What’s more, most fad diets also fail to target belly fat because oftentimes this is the last layer of fat burned by the body. It takes a long-term dietary change to remove stubborn belly fat. Something that is rarely offered by the latest celeb diet fetish.

Foods That Fight Belly Fat

There are an array of foods that can be used as an aid to burn belly fat.

These foods differ differ from person to person depending on their age and body type but the obvious ones to avoid come from fatty fast food outlets and their overly processed high carb and easy-to-cook alternatives as mentioned above.

The best foods to reduce belly fat are negative calorie foods that take more energy to consume and digest than they provide in calories.

negative calorie foods for a flat bellyAs you burn more calories actually eating the food than the food gives you the simple act of eating them leads to weight loss. At least that is the theory.

But even if these foods are providing some positive calorie intake it is so low that weight loss in inevitable and because they contain natural antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients you will also experience a belly fat detox as your body cleanses itself of impurities.

If you do decide to eat foods to burn belly fat and follow a negative calorie diet as part of your routine be sure to also use some vitamin and mineral supplements and only stay on the diet for short periods at a time.

The cabbage soup diet is a perfect example of one of these belly fat foods.

Belly Fat in Men

Men tend to accumulate excess fat around their stomach area first whereas women distribute extra fat in cells in the thighs, uppers arms and other areas.

For the most part men also want to achieve different results from women. They don;t just want ways to get rid of stomach fat, they want a washboard stomach with ripped abs.

For this reason, and this reason alone, there are different exercises and training routines for men.

How to Burn Stomach Fat for Men

Men Learn More Here

When it comes to getting rid of belly fat women want something a little different.

Although some females do like a chiseled ripped look most women are more than content with just flat tummy.

For this reason there is a different approach needed to

It seems that Kyle Leon’s tips to burn belly fat are more suited to women who want to avoid ripped abs and merely want a flatter look. His methods not only help many women eliminate body fat all over but he shows ways to lose belly fat in 2 weeks with a notable improvement being visible after only 1 week.

I’ve included a video from someone who used his system which I found on YouTube rather than his promotional video as I believe this shows the scope of his product from a real person.

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast For Women

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A Mental Diet

It is true to say that you do not really need a specific diet to get rid of belly fat as any diet will help you to achieve that aim.

However, there are certain things you can do to speed up the process and ensure your mind and body are in harmony.

The simple ways to lose belly fat involve burning more calories than you consume and eating in a healthy way.

Following a healthy diet while regulating your portion sizes and at the same time incorporating normal physical activities into your daily routine, like walking, is more than enough to blast away the fat and get into good shape.

It may seem very simple, and might even evoke some anger in a few readers, but weight gain and weight loss revolve around 2 simple equations:

  • Eating more calories than you burn = weight gain.
  • Eating less calories than you burn = weight loss.

The truth is this cause lies more in your mind than in your body.

Learn to recognize how you relate to food on a personal level.

For example, are you eating from a place of boredom? Or, are you “stuffing” down emotions you don’t want to feel?

When you change your relationship to food and your resistance to taking moderate exercise you will naturally shed fat and reach your ideal weight without any effort at all.

To lose weight, burn fat and keep it off permanently you really need to get your head straight first. It is absolutely a fact that in order to reach a healthy weight and maintain it permanently you need to change your habits.

When you change your mind your body will invariably follow. The results you get in life always depend upon the actions you take. What you experience tomorrow is only a result of what you have done today. When you examine this closer you will find that your actions are driven by your thoughts. Therefore your thoughts create your results.

So, change how you think about food and your body will follow.