Weight Loss Hypnosis

With the diet industry’s bloated bank balance expanding faster each year than the country’s wasitelines it is no surprise that many people looking for effective weight loss solutions are turning to alternative forms of “treatment”. hypnosis for weight lossThe dis-satisfaction with fad diets and the lack of permanent results from the more popular programs has led many dieters to seek out new approaches to an age old challenge.

Hypnosis is one such approach with a ton of evidence supporting the claims from the hypnotherapy community that it can create weight loss successes where everything else has failed.

Using hypnosis for weight loss is not as strange at it may sound. With a host of celebrity endorsements weight loss hypnosis has become a huge favourite within the music, movie and TV industries. So it is no wonder this form of “dieting” is becoming so popular with the rest of us.

But is weight loss hypnosis truly the holy grail for wannabe weight watchers or is it all just hype? The answer to that question is not straight forward but is very interesting all the same.

How Hypnosis Works

Many people reading this post will know hypnosis from its most common use as an entertainment tool. Watching people prance around the stage acting like chickens or believing that they are Eminem can be hilarious. But, as we move deeper into the 21st Century and our science develops a better understanding of the connection between mind and body more and more people are turning to the power of hypnosis for more practical applications with weight loss being one of the most popular.

weight loss hypnosisWhen we understand how hypnosis actually works and what it does to your mind it seems more than reasonable to assume that it can be used as a weight loss tool.

During a hypnotic state it is possible for a skilled hypnotist to alter your thought processes and beliefs to such an extent that you can see, hear and believe that things are there that are not really there or even remove your ability to see things that are actually there right in front of you.

What’s more someone who is in this deep hypnotic state and is susceptible to the post hypnotic suggestions can be awakened from the hypnotic state and they will carry out instructions given to them while they were hypnotized.

An example of this can be seen below where a hypnotist tells one of his hypnotized audience members that when he gives her a raw onion she will eat it believing that it is really a tasty apple.

What is somewhat scary is that such post hypnotic suggestions will remain active until the hypnotist removes them or a dramatic life-event alters the new belief!

The good news is that this same process can be used in super positive ways.

The ability of a skilled hypnotist to alter your internal beliefs in this way can lead to some very entertaining escapades but just think for a moment how changing your beliefs, preferences, likes and dislikes could be of benefit to you in your life especially as that relates to weight loss.

Before we venture into how hypnosis can be used to cause effortless and rapid weight loss (yes I did say “effortless”) let’s first highlight the problems that cause weight gain so we better understand how hypnosis can target and eliminate them.

Overeating, Convenience & Processed Foods Are Not The Only Problem

Eating is not just a biological urge our body uses to maintain its health and vitality (and life-force). In our society food is often used as a comfort, crutch or just for pure pleasure and, while there is nothing wrong with enjoying food, when we use it as a source for enjoyment it oftentimes leads to overeating.

Likewise in our modern civilization we have encouraged the growth of the fast food industry to meet the demands of our fast paced lives.

Even our grocery food is heavily influenced by this fast paced ethos. Over-the-counter prepacked food is mass produced in such a way that it contains huge amounts of fat, relies too heavily on fat-producing carbohydrates for taste while it lacks many of the daily required vitamins and minerals we need.

processed foodsObviously losing weight could be much easier if we didn’t have a propensity for eating such foods.

A plate full of low-fat, low carb, high fiber alternatives would not only make us feel better than the usual fast food or processed garbage we digest, it would also lead to rapid weight loss.

The problem most of us face is simple though; a double cheese burger in a high-carb overly processed bun tastes better than a carrot laden salad.

Then there is the problem with weight loss itself. Even if we eat the right foods most of us also like to eat more food than our body needs.

The Problem With Weight Loss

We all know how weight loss works. It is a combination of eating less and exercising more.

By simply reducing the amount of calories we consume to a level just below our daily requirements and taking some moderate exercise, such as walking, weight loss and especially body fat elimination, becomes inevitable.

This simple equation sums up how to lose weight:

Eating less calories than you need + more exercise = inevitable weight loss.

Sounds simple enough and this simple view of weight loss is so effective that some celebrity dieters have even created controversy around it.

Of course we know that just because something looks and sounds simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to do!

Although weight loss sounds simple, and with help it can be, the process of following the above equation seems extremely difficult for a vast amount of people. For them it feels as though they may as well be trying to follow an Einstein equation on special relativity!

Why is this? Why do some people find it so difficult to follow a weight loss plan while others can seemingly eat what they want never needing to diet or perform exercise routines in order to keep slim?

Well, the answer is just as simple as the weight loss equation above;

naturally thin people have more moderate eating habits, and tend to engage in more natural calorie burning activities, than their more weight-challenged counterparts.

Research has shown that people who are naturally thin and that remain thin for the greater part of their lives without consciously trying to control their weight have unique eating and exercise habits that most other people do not have.

How Naturally Thin People Stay Slim

Naturally thin people have built up the habit of eating only what their body needs; they rarely over-eat. These seemingly lucky individuals have also been identified as being very active. For example instead of walking up a flight of stairs they run and instead of taking the car to the shop they walk. They do little extra things during the day that go almost unnoticed yet over the course of the day help them to burn a lot of extra calories that would otherwise be turned to fat in the body.

It is believed that an average person takes 10,000 steps per day. Naturally thin people will often have passed this step count before lunch time without feeling like, or looking to others like, they have been engaged in any form of exercise.

Works for me too!

Works for men too!

When we look at the evidence it becomes clear that exercise is not the only reason naturally thin people never gain excess weight.

It looks to others that these people can eat whatever they want because a naturally thin person will not regulate the type of food they eat for weight related reasons only abstaining from certain food types because of preference.

However, although they eat whatever they want they do not over-eat. If you start paying attention to the eating habits of someone you know who falls into this category you will notice that they often eat much less than everyone else.

Although they may eat a high carbohydrate pasta dish and have a slice of cake afterwards they will most likely leave food on their plate unfinished at the end of the meal.

Naturally thin people are also much more in-tune with the messages their body sends them telling them their stomach is full and that they should stop eating.

Many of these people also have preferences for low fat, low carb food stuffs only occasionally eating the alternatives. Many of them prefer fresh organic foods over processed prepackaged easy-to-cook meals.

Maintaining a slim physique is therefore literally effortless for these people because it is natural for them to do the things that keep them slim.

Mental Diets

As we have seen naturally thin people have a different relationship to food and exercise than everyone else.

mental dietSo, imagine for a moment that you could start to think and act like a naturally thin person.

Imagine that your preferences for food stuffs were changed to mirror that of the people mentioned above, that your capacity for eating were reduced and that you automatically wanted to do simple daily activities that blasted away excess fat reserves from your body.

Does that metal picture look appealing to you?

Well according to just about every hypnotherapist is existence this state can actually be yours. If the research into hypnotic weight loss is to be believed you can become a naturally thin person very easily regardless of your current weight by simply reprogramming your brain and body to behave like a thin person.

This is where hypnosis proves to be an invaluable tool.

Using hypnosis for weight loss is based on the premise that all weight loss starts in the mind and that through “naturally thin thinking” anyone can effortless achieve a slim. healthy physique.

We have covered this topic of mental diets before but never offered the fastest solution to acquiring these new thought processes. So let’s do that now.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis can be viewed as a form of hypnotherapy.

As we have seen how naturally thin people can maintain their low body fat levels by having a healthy relationship to food and exercise it stands to reason that anyone who is battling the bulge does not have the same type of relationship.

In fact people who carry excess weight usually display behaviors that are the opposite of many, if not all, the behaviors of naturally thin people as related to food and daily activities.

If you are over-weight and carrying extra body fat it goes without saying that you could benefit from using a tool designed to change your relationship to food and exercise in a way that mirrors people who never need to diet or exercise and never feel like they are on a diet or exercising.

Weight loss hypnosis has proven to be such a tool.

Even Oprah has promoted weight loss hypnosis.

After just a few sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist you can begin to change your eating and exercise habits and start to see real tangible results. Although, seeking the help of an expert on a one-on-one situation is the ideal way to approach weight loss hypnosis it can be expensive.

There are alternatives however. There are self hypnosis weight loss products available on CD, video and for immediate download that are just as effective and available at a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one session would cost.

Plus I always think that testing new things should be as low in cost as possible. If you start to see good results from using a downloaded hypnosis session and think you could gain extra benefit from a more personal touch your initial investment will have been well worth it.

If the weight loss hypnosis doesn’t work as well as you expected then you will have saved yourself a lot of money.

So, if you can see the advantage of being able to change your behaviors around food and exercise to mirror those of the naturally thin you should consider trying an immediately downloadable hypnotic weight loss session or should at least read some weight loss hypnosis reviews on reputable sites such as this review of a more advanced hypnotic weight loss program.

It is true that using self hypnosis for weight loss can be the difference between effortless weight loss and struggle. When you use this approach in conjunction with a proven diet plan though you will be assured success and attain it without the struggle, pain and frustration that often accompanies standard diets.

Weight loss can be either simple or impossible. The choice is yours.

17 Day Diet Review

The 17 day diet is the brainchild of medical doctor Mike Moreno, a Beverly Hills physician who created a fast weight loss plan to prescribe to his overweight patients.

17 day diet bookWith endorsements from Dr. Phil and The Doctors this diet plan has become one of the most popular methods for “fast track” fat loss on the market promising weight loss of up to 15 pounds within a 17 day period.

It relies on a low calorie, low carb approach to eating while using a system known as “body confusion” to maintain a high metabolic rate without the need for excessive exercise or starvation.

The actual science behind the diet sounds very impressive and because it was created by a licensed doctor and is backed by credible celebrity endorsements it seems like a real winner … but does it really work?

Origins of the 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet first appeared on on the national and global scene after its creator, Dr. Mike Moreno, had a guest appearance on the Dr Phil show back in 2010 to promote his self published diet book.

Immediately after the Dr. Phil endorsement Moreno was invited onto the show The Doctors and was also given an enthusiastic endorsement there.

After these celebrity endorsements went public interest in the 17 day diet exploded and Dr. Moreno’s self publishing efforts were not enough to meet the demands for his book from of the weight loss market.

It was then that he started to consider offers from various publishing houses for publishing rights.

In 2011 the Simon & Schuster edition of the 17 Day Diet book was first published and was quickly followed by several add-on books including The 17 Day Diet Cookbook in 2012.

The Science of the 17 Day Diet Plan

According to Dr. Moreno anyone following the diet and exercise advice he offers can expect to lose up to 15 pounds of body fat within a 17 day period. Even modest weight loss should amount to at least 10 pounds according to proponents of this diet.

17 day dietIt revolves around 4 cycles designed around something Dr. Moreno calls body confusion.

Given Moreno’s remarks on the Dr. Phil show and occasional references to how muscle building is performed it seems his “body confusion” is based on the concept of “muscle confusion” used by top professional body builders.

Just as body builders change their training routine to ensure their muscles do not get accustomed to lifting specific weights in specific ways the 17 day diet also alters the routine of eating and exercise to ensure your metabolism doesn’t get a chance to get accustomed to your weight loss efforts.

How it Works

This diet is cyclical in the fact that it is divided into 4 distinct and separate phases.

Although its name might suggest otherwise this diet does not actually last 17 days. It is designed to be ongoing. The 17 day diet title is due to the fact the it follows a 17 day cycle not that it only lasts 17 days.

In other words the diet is designed to be followed indefinitely or until your reach your desired weight goal but follows a 17 day cycle of changing how you eat and how you exercise.

The 17 days are divided into 4 cycles.

Cycle 1: Accelerate.
This kicks starts the diet with a rapid weight loss regime that focuses on cleansing the body of harmful fat-storing chemicals while promoting natural fat burning and discouraging fat storage.

Cycle 2: Activate.
During the activation period you get to alter your metabolic rate and raise it to burn more fat even at rest.

Cycle 3: Achieve.
This phase is all about the development of new healthy eating habits and retraining your mind and body to eat less carbs and more protein. The metabolic rate is increased even more with the use of aerobic exercise.

Cycle 4: Arrive.
During this phase you wind down your efforts while maintaining specific eating habits and being sensible with your portion sizes. However, you are allowed to eat just about anything you want at the weekends.

The 17 Day Diet Exercise advice

The recommended exercise for the 3 cycles is as follows:

Cycle 1:
17 minutes per day of moderate exercise.

This can be as simple as brisk walking or as complex as aerobics.

Cycle 2:
17 minutes per day of moderate exercise similar to that of cycle 1.

Cycle 3:
40 – 60 minutes of aerobic activity.

This is the most intense exercise phase.

Cycle 4:
Regular moderate but daily exercise with 1 hour aerobic activity at the weekends,

17 Day Diet Meal Plan

Although the 17 day diet menu is completely customizable to suit vegetarians, vegans, and even ‘celiacs’ it does come with detailed meal plans and even has a supplemental 17 day diet menu cookbook.

Although it is fully customizable this diet comes with detailed recipes which eliminates the need to fret over your exact calorie count and whether or not you are consuming too many carbs, not enough protein or whether you’re just plain doing it wrong.

Watch the video below for some examples of what it offers and what Dr. Moreno personally recommends you should be eating.

17 Day Diet Review Conclusion

Will you lose weight following the 17 day diet?

Yes you will.

However, it is doubtful that all the weight you see disappearing from the scales will be pure body fat, though most of it will be. You will lose some muscle and a lot of water.

In addition the amount of weight you lose (and the amount of body fat) will depend largely on the amount of exercise you do. Although there are weight loss programs that are based solely on changing your eating habits almost all diets must be used in conjunction with exercise if they are to be effective.

If you do follow the exercise advice and stick to the meal plans then you will lose weight and you will most definitely by eating healthier.

The Pros and the Cons

Here are the pros and cons of following the 17 day diet.


  • You get to eat!
  • This is healthy eating at its best. No need to starve yourself or eat cardboard-like food.

    By choosing low-carb, low-calorie alternatives, bulking up on proteins and vegetables while avoiding starchy high carbohydrate foods you get to eat a lot more than you would on a “normal” diet.

    There are no strict portion sizes but the rule-of-thumb is to eat slowly until you are satisfied but not to overeat until you feel stuffed.


  • Great Choice of Food.
  • The food choices are extremely healthy and offer high levels of energy. You will feel better while on this diet and will mostly likely experience higher energy levels, more mental alertness and less physical fatigue at the end of the day.


  • Suitable for Vegans.
  • Protein plays a large role in this diet and as most people rely on meat for their source of protein some vegetarians and vegans mistakenly skip researching this diet.

    However, all meat used in the diet can be substituted with vegan alternatives as can the diary.


  • Gluten Free Alternatives Acceptable.
  • The diet is also friendly for those who suffer from celiac disease as long as you personally ensure you substitute specific food types within the menu for gluten free alternatives. This will not diminish the overall effectiveness of the program.


  • Suitable for Diabetics type 1 and type 2.
  • Although not all diets created by medical doctors are considered to be healthy the great thing about this doctor created diet is that you can be assured you are getting a healthy eating plan.

    Dr. Moreno has insured diabetics can successfully follow this diet advice as well as everyone else.


  • Easy to Follow.
  • Apart from its time-consuming nature (see “cons” below) this diet is extremely easy to follow and maintain. What’s more it is also easy to restart it once your initial 17 days are over. This can lead to significant and speedy weight loss as well as bringing a host of health benefits.


  • It isn’t cheap
  • This diet can be costly. Eating healthily in this age of convenience processed food can be a challenge to your pocketbook.


  • Food Prep is Time-Consuming
  • If you follow this diet then you will need to set aside some time for food preparation.

    There are varied meal plans within the 17 day diet menu but you need to purchase fresh produce which entails taking time out for daily shopping and then you must prepare the meals the day of consumption to keep it fresh and healthy.

    You can’t just prepare your week’s meals at the weekend and then freeze them as this is counterproductive to the basic essentials of the diet.


  • Exercise Times Can Be Challenging.
  • The exercise requirements can be quite demanding especially when you reach the third cycle of the diet plan when you are expected to spend as much as 60 minutes per day doing some form of aerobic activity.

    For many people it can be difficult to find just 20 minutes for a brisk walk with the family let alone finding an hour for solo exercise daily even if they are willing and eager to do it.


  • Vitamin Supplements May Be Needed
  • This diet does not provide the daily recommended amounts of certain vitamins, such as vitamin B, and does not provide the recommended amounts of calcium either.

    Although in the short this may not cause much of a problem (though we recommend taking some form of supplement anyway just to be safe) long term use of this diet will require you to take some form of multivitamin supplement (preferably in soluble or liquid form) and an additional calcium supplement.

    If you feel that this diet is the right fit for you be sure to give it a try. You may not get the same rapid results when compared to alternative diets, such as the cabbage soup diet, but you will get great results that you can maintain and feel a lot healthier.

    If you feel that you would rather try a faster approach be sure to read about the dangers of crash diets before you try anything drastic.

    The Food Lovers Diet

    Diets work; when you work them. But we all know that dieting sucks, especially for people who love food. Starving yourself on low calorie food plans and depriving yourself of those culinary luxuries that you like is not a great prospect if, like me, you enjoy eating. For this reason the Food Lovers Diet is the number 1 choice for those of us who love to eat.

    But does it work?

    Well the answer is “yes” and “no”. It does work but it may not work exactly as you hope because the system misses 2 key factors to weight loss as you will learn below.

    What is The Food Lovers Diet?

    The Food Lovers Diet is about keeping your sugar level at an even level and regulating “fast carbohydrate” intake. Like the more comprehensive approach offered by Kyle Leon in his Customized Fat Loss Plan the Food Lovers Diet targets fast carbs as a source of weight gain and substitutes other food sources for them.

    Unlike Kyle’s diet (that also targets body type & age as factors for easy weight loss) the Food Lovers Diet only focuses on food types. So, in a way it is a much more basic version of the body type diet that allows you to eat almost anything you want within reason.

    Of course that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. It does!

    The Difference Between the Food Lovers Diet & Traditional Diets

    Most fad diets, or even some of the more popular ones, encourage a reduction of 500 – 1000 calories per day in conjunction with a 500 calorie per day exercise regime.

    standard boring dietOn very extreme weight loss regimes you can expect a reduction of up to 1,500 calories per day while being expected to participate in workouts designed to burn between 500 – 1000 calories 3 – 5 times per week.

    For food lovers diets like this are not an option!

    But on even the most conservative of diet plans we are told that in order to shed extra pounds and get into good shape it is necessary to cut down on our calorie intake by at least 500 calories per day while reducing our animal fat, vegetable fat and carbohydrates to a minimum.

    In addition these diets also advocate mild to moderate daily exercise that burns at least 250 calories such as walking or gentle aerobics.

    The Food Lovers Diet however is less concerned with what you are eating and more concerned with how you are eating it as opposed to the traditional view that you must regulate exactly what you eat and how much of it you do eat.

    the food lovers fat loss systemWith a sensible approach to eating this diet is much more about changing your eating habits than it is about “dieting”. If you do it right it won’t feel like you are on a diet at all. It will probably just feel more like you are eating healthier, which you will be.

    No foods are off-limits on this diet though you do need to reduce your portions of certain food types that lead to easy weight gain.

    Food Lovers Fat Loss System Pros & Cons

    As with just about everything in life there are pros and cons to this diet.

    Let’s take a look at a few.

    Food Lovers Diet – The Pros:

    food lovers diet prosThe food lovers diet is not a traditional low-calorie, low-fat diet that requires you to deprive yourself of food nor does it require excessive exercise.

    It is a healthy alternative way of eating that involves changing how you eat rather than changing what you eat.

    By reducing specific food types and increasing your intake of their alternatives you will not be starving yourself and your actual intake of food will probably remain fairly similar to what you eat now.

    As you follow the advice and restructure your meals to reflect a more balanced approach to carbs and protein the fat will start to come off you naturally without any additional work, almost like magic.

    If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight on a diet before you will be amazed at how fast you start to shed body fat.

    This is a great approach to weight loss for anyone who loves to eat and also for those people who have had only sporadic, or even no, results from traditional diets in the past.

    If you lack the desire to try yet another diet and no longer want to deprive yourself of your favourite culinary delights then you really should give this type of eating plan a go. Though we again stress that there are better alternatives (see below).

    Food Lovers Diet- The Cons:

    food lovers diet consAlthough the Food Lovers Diet does a great job of identifying the need to change how you eat in order to eliminate fast carbs from your diet it fails to take into consideration 2 other critical factors.

    These 2 factors should be addressed by every diet to ensure it is successful for everyone who uses it and not just the fortunate few.


    2 Key Factors the Food Lovers Diet Does Not Address:

     1. BODY TYPE.
      2. AGE


    These two factors are often critical when it comes to weight loss. Almost no generic diet takes these factors into account and not including them can mean failure for a huge percentage of their users.

    Anyone who has followed a strict diet and/or exercise regime and has not lost weight or only experienced mediocre results will almost certainly have unknowingly fallen foul of this fact.

    body types femaleThere is good news though. There are alternatives to the Food Lovers Diet that offer all the same benefits of this eating plan but that also structure the entire diet to include the two critical factors of age and body type such as the body type diet mentioned previously.

    Another glaring problem is that the Food Lovers Fat Loss System does not take advantage of the latest innovations in exercise for fat loss either.

    body types maleAlthough the point of this type of diet is to eliminate the need to “diet & exercise” it does include some rudimentary exercises for those who want even faster results but the exercises are standard calorie burning “old school” aerobics.

    Believe it or not there are actually simple exercises that burn up to 10 times more calories than normal aerobics and that laser target fat and that also raise your metabolism so your body continues to burn fat for up to 8 hours even if your vegged out watch TV – all from just 20 minutes exercise.

    Be prepared though. Those 20 minutes are designed to make you sweat!

    Okay we may be nit-picking here but at a cost of over $100 and with the lack of focus on a dieter’s age and a failure to help them identify how to eat for their body type along with a lack of inclusion of the most cutting-edge exercises available we think it is a little over-priced. Especially when the next best alternative has more information, a better track record and is less than half the price.

    Food Lovers Diet Plan


      This is what you can expect from the Food Lovers Diet Package if you decide to buy it:

  •   Love to Eat Cookbook
  •   How to Make a Fat-Loss Plate
  •   Snack and Treat Guide
  •   Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards
  •   Food Lovers for Life
  •   Million Meals Menu Planner
  •   LOSE FAT AND KEEP IT OFF without giving up any of your favorite foods!
  •   21 Day Metabolism Makeover

    If you don’t mind paying twice as much for half the information and want to try the food lovers diet plan you can get the official system from Amazon here – Food Lovers Fat Loss System, 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, Guide CDs, Weight Loss Cookbook, Eating Out Guide, Workout DVDs & More

    Alternatives to The Food Lovers Diet

    For those of us who just love to eat there are several alternatives to the food lovers diet.

    However, by far the most effective way to lose weight, maintain that new weight while also still enjoying the process of eating tasty foods such as pasta, ice-cream and chocolate is by following a diet designed for your specific body type and your age. It also shows you how eating junk food at specific times will speed up your metabolism and includes some of the best HIIT exercises available today for ensuring your body continues to burn fat for many hours after your exercise has ended.

    Cabbage Soup Diet Secrets

    The cabbage soup diet is probably the fastest way in existence to lose weight without exercise. And the great thing about it is that the more you eat the more weight you lose.

    The reason it is so effective is because cabbage is a negative calorie food and negative calorie foods take more energy to digest than they provide.

    cabbage soupThus when you eat them they actually contribute to weight loss rather than weight gain.

    The main drawback is that no matter what cabbage soup diet recipe you use it will always have only 1 ingredient and this makes it very limited and boring.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    There are actually a ton of tasty fat burning recipes available that blow the cabbage soup diet out of the water and they create exactly the same effect.

    However, regardless of how boring you may find a negative calorie deit the effects on your waistline should make those dire mealtimes well worth the culinary discomfort.

    Alternatives to Cabbage Soup

    Of course you don’t have to stay purely on a cabbage diet. There are actually 18 other negative calorie foods that you can combine to make tasty and filling meals that stave off both boredom and hunger while blasting away body fat just as easily as a purely cabbage diet.

    Alternative negative calorie diets exist

    Alternative negative calorie diets exist

    Any negative calorie diet will help you to lose weight quickly. You can find a reference list of negative calorie foods on this page that you can mix and experiment with.

    Of course there is a multitude of ways to combine these foods for different meal plans and if done correctly you can even add bacon and other (normally) fatty foods to heighten the taste while still making sure your meals remain part of a negative calorie diet and thus stay as fat-burners.

    The Cabbage Soup Diet is Not for Long-Term Use

    Be aware at the outset though that although the cabbage soup diet is extremely effective for fast weight loss it should never be a replacement for a long term weight loss plan. This applies to any negative calorie diet.

    Once you reach an ideal weight using a cabbage diet, or any singular or combined negative calorie diet, be sure to use a solid dietary plan to maintain your weight while eating healthily and well.

    There are family friendly meal plans you can use to help maintain the health and fitness of your entire family. These can also be used as a weight loss tool in themselves especially if you do not want your entire family, or even yourself, to crash your weight too quickly.

    You should also be aware that there are other alternatives to negative calorie diets that promote eating for your age and body type and that allow you to eat fairly large portions in diets that are customised for you.

    However, if its ultra fast weight loss you are after, and you only follow this diet plan for a limited period, then the cabbage soup diet is an excellent way to kick start any weight loss regime or as a way to blast away that last remaining stubborn fat.

    Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

    A cabbage diet plan is fairly straight forward as preparing the main ingredient, cabbage soup, is pretty simple.

    Just cut up a cabbage into small spices and then boil it with a little seasoning.

    You can add onion for added flavour if you wish but you should avoid any other flavourings or stock.

    Along with the soup you can eat most fruits but you must steer clear of bananas and grapes and any other high sugar, high carb exotic fruits you may have a taste for.

    Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

    The cabbage diet plan normally lasts for 7 days. Some people find this extremely challenging.

    If you feel that 7 days is too long then aim for 3 days and see if you can continue once the fourth day arrives.

    negative calorie diet foodsAvoid all beverages except for water. This applies to soft drinks, tea and coffee.

    Consider taking some soluble multivitamins & minerals and vitamin C supplements to balance your moods and supply your body with the much need nutrients that will be missing from your diet.

    Also be sure to drink at least 4 glasses of water per day. You would be surprised at how much fluids you will be missing out on due to the lack of tea, coffee and soft drinks.

    Eat as much soup as you can because the more you eat the more weight you will lose.

    Aim for 3 meals per day but no less than 2.

    If you feel nauseous, very weak or experience unnatural mood swings don’t panic as some people experience sugar (and other) withdrawal causing symptoms brought about by such a sever change in diet. However, if this does happen to you then stop the diet immediately and start eating normally.

    Day 1

    Eat as much cabbage soup as you want. Remember the more you eat the more weight you will lose.

    Add some fruit to your diet avoiding high sugar & high carb fruits such as bananas.

    Day 2

    Again eat as much cabbage soup as you can.

    leafy green vegetablesYou can also add other vegetables preferably steamed.

    There are specific types of food that you must avoid in order to get maximum benefit from your hard work. There is nothing worse than putting in the effort just to see no weight loss due to making a few simple but unknown mistakes.

    If you are in doubt a simple rule of thumb is to eat only leafy greens while avoiding anything white and stay away from potatoes.

    Day 3

    Eat as much soup as you want and mix in to your diet both the fruits from day 1 and the vegetables from day 2.

    Day 4

    On day 4 you can indulge in a few carbs as this can actually help to boost your metabolism by stopping your body going into starvation mode.

    high carb fruitBananas, grapes and potatoes are high carb foods that are completely acceptable on this day.

    You can choose any high carb fruit or veg you want, in moderation, but stay away from fatty high carb processed foods and treats such as chocolate or donoughts.

    You should continue to eat as much soup as you can stomach.

    Eating lots of cabbage soup at this stage can be difficult when you know you are allowed to eat high carb alternatives.

    So, use some willpower and make sure you have at least one bowl of soup with every meal.

    Day 5

    The diet gets a bit easier at this stage as you can eat steamed fish (avoid salmon), broiled or grilled lean steak/beef or broiled skinless chicken (you may not use the remaining water as stock).

    Day 6

    Take soup for 2 of your 3 daily meals and eat as much as you can.

    The third meal can be any of the vegetables identified on Day 1 in large quantities and about 100g of any type of lean meat although broiled skinless chicken or steamed fish is best.

    Day 7

    As this is the last day of your diet you will slowly readjust your body to eating normally again.

    You can eat as much soup as you want but make sure you also eat the recommendations below.

    steamed fish and vegetablesEat the following in any combination you like at any meal time you prefer.

    100g of brown rice (no white rice).

    2 separate glasses of 220ml fresh juice (not soda or sugary artificial juice).

    As much of any type of vegetables that you want.

    100g of broiled/grilled beef/chicken or steamed/grilled fish.

    2 – 3 whole fruits such as apples or oranges.

    If the Cabbage Soup Diet is Too Restrictive

    Obviously the cabbage soup diet plan is fairly restrictive and eating the soup can become a real chore. So much so that it is difficult for many people to see the diet through to completion and many who do find themselves skipping meals just avoid eating cabbage soup again.

    The most sensible workaround for this is to incorporate all 18 fat burning foods into a negative calorie diet that has an array different recipes. This eliminates the risk of getting bored eating the same thing every day and should be enough to stop you from giving up or skipping those all important fat burning meals.

    Beyond the Cabbage Soup Diet

    If you stick to the diet religiously you will be amazed at the results.

    Regardless of how much weight you lose do not be tempted to continue on the cabbage soup diet (or any other negative calorie diet) past the 7th day.

    You can repeat the process again after a few weeks break but really the 10 – 14 lbs weight loss you will get from the cabbage soup diet should be viewed as merely a kick start to your overall weight loss objectives and you should consider a more permanent change to your eating habits and lifestyle.

    Tasty Foods That Burn Fat Fast

    You may be aware that there are specific foods that can increase your metabolic rate and thus force your body to burn energy faster. These foods can be consumed in larger quantities than normal allowing you to eat more without the hassle of gaining weight. Similarly you can substitute these foods for your normal meals and eat your usual amounts and still lose weight.

    not foods that burn fatYou may not be aware however that there are also super foods that literally burn fat as you eat them as well as foods that actually store their energy as body fat rather than fuel.

    Fat Burning Versus Fattening

    Understanding which foods burn fat and which ones store fat is the difference between losing weight effortlessly and having to work very hard at it.

    Vegetables such as asparagus or cabbage, for example, require more energy to consume and digest than they supply as calories.

    Now before you run off to the grocery store in search of the cabbage isle be aware that using foods that burn fat as your sole means of weight loss may sound great in theory but the actual reality of the situation is something quite different.

    foods that burn fatEating cabbage soup every day numbs the taste buds and can become boring really quickly.

    It also leads to physical and mental impairment due to tiredness.

    The negative calorie intake may seem tempting but it comes at the cost of a lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and it can have some very undesirable effects on your general mood and temperament.

    What’s more there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about these “super foods” and you could well be forcing yourself to eat these fat burning super foods without realising that all your efforts may be wasted due to the unnoticed fat storing foods you are eating along with them.

    The Fastest Diet to Burn Fat

    Using foods that burn fat as part of a diet is a great idea. Using them solely as a means to crash diet quickly is not!

    Using fast weight loss tricks such as negative calorie foods can seem like the quickest way to achieving your weight loss goals but relying solely on them usually has the opposite outcome than the one you are desiring.

    When you deprive your body of calories and much needed minerals, vitamins and macro-nutrients it starts to slow down your metabolism and sends your body into starvation mode: something you experience only too well when you begin eating again and find yourself gorging on huge amounts of food.

    low body fatAlthough these super foods are among the best foods for fat loss they should only be used as part of a controlled dietary plan.

    What’s more when you burn calories in this way you are not guaranteed to be burning fat. In starvation mode the body will burn muscle just as readily as it will burn fat.

    You must use a diet to lose body fat and not one that also forces the body to burn muscle.

    How do you burn fat and not muscle?

    Well you must avoid sending your body into starvation mode and must eat in a way that targets fat only.

    One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to use fat burning foods in conjunction with carb cycling.

    Carb Cycling for Fat Loss

    As well as using fat burning foods as bulk items on the plate good carb cycling diets allow you to eat a variety of high carb foods like pizza, pasta, ice-cream and even chocolate at specific times to kick your metabolism into high gear.

    Celebrity trainer Kyle Leon explains 3 of the best fat loss tricks and how you should be eating these 5 junk foods that burn fat as part of your weight loss routine.

    List of Negative Calorie Foods That Burn Fat

    Below is a list of negative calorie foods that burn fat. Due to the low calorie value of each food it actually requires more energy to eat and digest it than it provides in calorie intake.

    More simply put this means: the more you eat the more calories you burn.

    Here is a list of negative calorie foods that burn fat:

    Fruits: Vegetables Spices & Herbs:
    apples asparagus anise
    blueberries beans cayenne
    cantaloupe sprouts chili peppers
    cranberries beets cinnamon
    grapefruits broccoli cloves
    honeydew cabbage cumin
    lemons/limes carrots cilantro
    mangoes cauliflower coriander
    oranges celery dill
    papaya chicory/radicchio fennel seeds
    peaches cucumbers flax seeds
    pineapple endives garden cress
    raspberries green beans garlic
    strawberries jicama ginger
    tangerines kale parsley
    watermelon leeks onion
    lettuce mustard seeds
    radishes watercress

    The Best Body Fat Loss Diet

    Obviously it is possible to crash diet when you eat only the above foods and nothing else but this is really not desirable for the reasons mentioned earlier.

    negative calorie foods that burn fatIt is much more advisable to incorporate these foods into your daily dietary routine as an aid to weight loss rather than as a crutch for fast weight loss.

    However, whether you do decide to use only the above foods or to incorporate them into your meal plans you should be sure you understand which foods you should also be avoiding.

    Just as there are fat burning negative calorie foods, which require more energy to digest than the food itself provides, there are also foods that can cause the body to immediately turn the energy provided into stored fat.

    Knowing how to avoid fat storing foods is every bit as important as knowing which foods burn fat easily.

    The Alkaline Diet Benefits & Dangers

    What is the alkaline diet?

    The alkaline diet, also known as the acid alkaline diet, is based on the premise that high levels of acid in the body contribute to specific health problems.

    alkaline diet healthBy balancing out the Ph levels in your body through alkaline foods it is believed that a person can experience an array of health benefits in addition to almost effortless weight loss.

    A typical alkaline diet plan helps to combat high acidity in the body through specific foods that are said to make your body more alkaline.

    A by-product of this chemical alchemy is often rapid and effortless weight loss.

    Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

    Two of the biggest benefits from using the alkaline diet are health and weight loss.

    alkaline diet weight lossThere are lots of testimonials from people who have followed this diet, many outlining an array of different health benefits they have received, all of which which are too numerous to mention here.

    Likewise there are people who have shed body fat without counting calories or hitting the gym.

    But to give you an idea of what you can expect from following this diet’s guidelines here are some of the major benefits reported from following an alkaline diet.

    Here is a short list of typical benefits you can expect from the alkaline diet:

  • Reduced risk of cancer.
  • More elasticity in the skin for a more youthful look.
  • More energy.
  • Better immunity from common ailments such as colds & flu.
  • Better digestion.
  • Elimination of acid reflux.
  • Reduction of Candida.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased alertness.
  • Increased mental acuity.
  • Easy weight loss.

    • Does Following an Alkaline Diet Plan Work?

      There are a ton of alkaline diet testimonials that claim to have cured everything from cancer to hereditary migraines and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

      And, as a weight loss tool there is no question that the best alkaline dietary courses work.

      However, even though this diet seems to create real positive change, both in regards to health and weight, the science behind its inner workings is a little flawed.

      The Science of the Alkaline Diet

      The scale used for measuring the acid to alkaline ratio in the human body ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being completely acidic and 14 being completely alkaline.

      7 on the scale is considered to be neutral.

      acid alkaline ph balance scaleHaving too high of an acid level in the body is not good and is known to be a major contributing factor in many illnesses and bodily dysfunctions.

      So, it is believed that combating high acid levels with alkaline foods will help lower the pH levels in the body to restore health and vitality.

      Now, most people know that you combat acid with alkaline even if they do not understand the science of it. The majority of us have tested this for yourselves in our own internal labs by simply taking a chalky indigestion tablet when we were suffering from a tummy ache.

      Naturally your stomach will have a low pH level anyway as it requires acid to break down the food you eat. The stomach of a fairly healthy person has a pH level of around 3.5. But when you suffer from indigestion your stomach’s pH level can be higher than normal.

      The alkaline level of an indigestion tablet is deliberately high so it can be used to neutralize some of the stomach acid.

      Thus the alkaline in an ingestion tablet mixes with your stomach acid and brings down the pH level offering relief to the indigestion sufferer.

      The alkaline diet has a similar effect by naturally keeping the pH levels of your stomach at a more tolerable level. This is why some people refer to it as an acid reflux diet.

      However, although it does have a positive effect on your digestion system by lowering the stomach’s pH level enough to eliminate most digestive problems, it is not your stomach acid that the alkaline diet was created to target.

      It’s All About The Blood

      It is the aim of the alkaline diet to change the body’s blood pH value to a higher alkaline level than it normally would be.

      acidic alkaline bloodYour blood will typically have a pH level somewhere close to 7.40. Blood is naturally slightly alkaline in nature being 0.40 above neutral but it is believed that by increasing the level higher many great health benefits ensue.

      Unfortunately, there is no real evidence to suggest eating foods high in alkaline has any effect on your blood at all though.

      Does this mean the alkaline diet doesn’t work?

      No, it does not mean that at all. In fact the truth is far from it.

      A quick look at some of the foods on this diet will let you see how healthy the eating plan really is.

      Health & Weight Loss

      Although there is no supporting evidence to suggest this diet, or any diet, effects the body’s pH level beyond the stomach the fact that it does lower stomach pH levels is a plus.

      Alkaline diet foodsThe food types consumed are also naturally high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and promote good health, a strong immune system and a vibrant body and appearance.

      The weight loss benefits of alkaline diet recipes are well documented.

      Eating healthy nutritious natural foods often leads to rapid weight loss as the body eliminates the junk it has accumulated through previously bad eating habits.

      A natural state of detox is an added bonus that also helps promote weight loss and the elimination of body fat.

      Dangers of Eating Alkaline Diet Foods

      So what are the dangers of the alkaline diet?

      Well, there are none.

      If you look at any alkaline diet food chart, (see below) you will see that all the foods are natural and healthy, and because the body regulates the blood’s pH level internally, eating alkaline foods will do you no harm.

      In fact following a healthy alkaline dietary lifestyle can have only beneficial effects.

      It is the belief among many health professionals that it is the change of lifestyle to a more healthy eating plan that is responsible for the amazing health benefits experienced by proponents of this diet rather than the lowering of pH levels in the body.

      Overview of the Alkaline Diet

      There is no evidence to suggest the that eating foods high in alkaline have any effect on the body beyond your stomach.

      However, using healthy foods, high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals that also have a high alkaline count does offer tremendous health benefits from relief from digestive problems to a stronger immune system and a younger appearance.

      Although there is as of yet no concrete medical studies to back up the claims that this diet can prevent cancer many people swear by its healing properties.

      There are some great alkaline diet recipes & cookbooks filled with tasty recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

      What’s more you do not have to be religious in your devotion to this diet to get real benefit from it. Just by using some alkaline diet recipes a few times a week can help promote better health and well-being.

      For those of you who want to immerse yourself totally in the alkaline lifestyle there are resources available to help you get started towards your new healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

      Alkaline Diet Foods

      Below are some of the high alkaline foods promoted on the alkaline diet.

      alkaline diet food chart

      alkaline foods

    The Mediterranean Diet. Best for Health & Rapid Weight Loss

    Few diets are fortunate enough to get the seal of approval from trusted medical sources and rarely get any promotion from Government bodies.

    So when eminent members of the British medical establishment in the NHS (National Health Service) and celebrity doctors, like Dr. Oz in the USA, started touting the enormous health & weight loss benefits of following a Mediterranean diet it was no wonder it became, and remains, so popular.

    The explosion of interest in this European approach to food is largely due to the amazing health and weight loss benefits that come from following its guidelines.

    mediterranean diet pyramidIt has been shown to have preventative qualities that far surpass any form of medication and that are on par with the most rigorous and demanding health and fitness regime.

    These qualities alone have made this diet one of the most popular amongst health fanatics.

    But as a weight loss tool it is second to none: this has long been an established belief in the diet industry that is now being backed by research from distinguished members of the UK’s National Health Service and many preeminent doctors in the USA.

    To put it simply; people who follow a Mediterranean diet are much slimmer & a lot healthier than those who do not.

    Leading doctors are claiming that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most effective weight loss tools available.

    Even following personalized variations of this diet will dramatically decrease your chances of falling foul of a plethora of illnesses.

    In addition to this Mediterranean diet recipes can be easily modified to your personal tastes as there are no hard and fast strict guidelines to follow, just sensible eating advice based on healthy foods.

    You can start seeing improvements in your health and waistline almost immediately when you start eating in this way.

    Health & Weight Loss Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

    According to the Postgraduate Medical Journal following a Mediterranean diet is a much better way of tackling obesity than calorie counting.

    Research by by leading medical doctors such as Prof Terence Stephenson, who is the chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and Dr Mahiben Maruthappu, who is Senior Fellow to the CEO of the NHS England, pointed to the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet at battling multiple common, and often fatal, health issues.

    The UK is not the only country to study the effects of this.

    In the USA universities studying the long-term effects of following a Mediterranean style eating plan have found that as well as being highly effective for tackling obesity Mediterranean diet recipes are proven to substantially lower the risk of a multitude of health problems.

    Just by preparing your daily food according to the flexible guidelines offered in typical Mediterranean diet recipes it is possible to reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, Osteoporosis, diabetes, and many other common health complaints.

    mediterranean diet recipes & tipsAdditionally, research recently completed by Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimers and the Aging Brain at the Medical Centre at Columbia University also found that this dietary approach from Southern Europe practically eliminates the chance of developing Alzheimers and other types of dementia.

    It is not just the medical establishment that is embracing a Mediterranean lifestyle choice. Dr Oz, along with a host of other celebrity doctors and chefs, is also a big proponent of the Mediterranean diet and espouses its many health benefits.

    Dr. Oz outlines that people who follow this diet have 50% less heart disease and 20% lower rates of cancer compared to people who do not follow the diet. He also notes that these healthy eaters also enjoy a host of other health benefits that include better immune systems and almost zero dementia.

    Tasty Mediterranean Diet Recipes

    There is a popular site that has free resources available ranging from great Mediterranean diet recipes, a full blown Mediterranean diet food list and even a Mediterranean diet cookbook packed with recipes and cooking ideas.

    Obviously making any type of change to your diet requires a period of adjustment and for this reason the above mentioned resource can be an invaluable tool as you acquaint yourself with some new eating habits.

    If you want to get stated immediately you can find some interesting and diverse recipes in the best Mediterranean diet cookbook I’ve found which has a Mediterranean diet food list and lots of mouthwatering recipes that are both filling and extremely tasty.

    A Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

    A typical Mediterranean diet meal plan will include lots of fruit and vegetables along with nuts and lashings of olive oil.

    best mediterranean diet cookbookSuch food stuffs are the main reason this diet can reduce the risk of heart disease so substantially.

    The Omega 3 oil from fish gives an immediate and sustained health boost as it is a natural antioxidant while the substitution of butter and/or vegetable spread with canola oil lessens the fat intake and replaces unhealthy artery-clogging weight-expanding fat with healthy fat that the body actually needs and that also helps to promote weight loss.

    Surprisingly for many people both alcohol and small amounts of dairy are permitted on this diet. This is largely due to the fact that this is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix calorie controlled crash diet.

    A Short Mediterranean Diet Food List

    The great thing about the Mediterranean diet, for resistant dieters, is that it tastes great and is very filling.

    mediterranean dietUnlike calorie controlled alternatives this diet focuses more on what you eat and how you eat it rather than on the quantities.

    Bear in mind though that regardless of whatever type of food you eat if you eat it in excess you are very likely to consume more calories than you burn and therefore you will put on extra weight.

    However, many people find it difficult to overeat on this diet as the food stuffs are extremely filling while also being very low in calories. They also contain more “good” fats and “good” carbohydrates than “bad” ones.

    Here is a simple list of typical foods promoted by this diet:

    • You can eat a ton of vegetables either raw or cooked although potatoes are rarely consumed.
    • Fruit is also an essential and offers a natural source of sugar.
    • High fiber, low fat pulses such as soy, all types of beans and peas are a daily staple of this diet.
    • Eating whole grains (including high carb whole wheat bread) is encouraged.
    • Rice & pasta are fine as long as they are wholegrain and not white
    • Nuts are a regular and can be eaten every day.
    • Olive oil replaces vegetable oil and butter.
    • Fish can be eaten several times per week.
    • Alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation with an average of 1-2 glasses of wine per day.

    As with any diet there are also keys foods stuffs that should be avoided or at the very least taken in extreme moderation.

    Here is a simple list of typical foods to avoid while following this diet:

    • Butter should not be used at all.
    • Red meat should be avoided and eaten only once or twice per month if at all.
    • Eggs can be eaten but only very moderately and many people avoid them completely.
    • Deli meat and other processed canned meats or luncheon and cured meats should not be eaten at all.
    • Refined sugars and sweets are rarely eaten and reserved for special occasions only.
    • No white bread.
    • No white rice or white pasta.
    • No fruit juice or soda

    This is just a small taste of what you can eat on the Mediterranean diet. You can get more information on how to prepare meals through the free resources offer at http://a-mediterranean-diet.com/ and there is an inexpensive cookbook available packed with killer Mediterranean diet recipes here.

    21st Century Diets. How to Lose Body Fat Fast

    The 21st Century has seen the diet industry explode as obesity reaches epidemic proportions within the western world, But even though the diet industry is growing larger every year it seems to be getting less effective. Why is this?


    The best diets show you
    how to lose body fat permanently

    Surely in this modern era we have enough knowledge, expertise and new century tools to eliminate body fat and obesity once and for all.

    Well the truth is, modern, fast working, fat-busting methods do exist but it is not in the interests of the diet industry to make them available to you.

    As the general populace expand their waistlines many in the diet and weight loss industry merely expand their wallets.

    Truthfully it is more beneficial for the diet industry when the obesity problem is exasperated than if it were eliminated. This may sound counter intuitive but you will understand why this with the following simple analogy.

    True Blood or New Blood?

    While I was watching the final season of the hit show “True Blood” I was actually reminded of how the diet industry works (and many other industries for that matter).

    The story in True Blood is analogous of the diet industry

    The story in True Blood is analogous of the diet industry

    Basically for those who have never watched the show it centers on the integration of vampires into the general population thanks to the invention of synthesized blood (so they no longer need to feed on humans) known as “Tru Blood”.

    In the last season of the show the story line involved the entire worldwide stock of Tru Blood being injected with a virus which, once consumed, lead to terrible symptoms for vampires and eventual “true death”. This obviously lead to mass infections among their populace.

    Well, to cut a long story short the makers of Tru Blood found an antidote for the virus very quickly but did not want to release it to the vampire population because it was too effective!

    Instead they decided to develop a weaker solution that didn’t cure the vampires but instead eliminated the symptoms temporarily. This meant every infected vampire needed to continue taking the substance, which they called “New Blood”, regularly to stop the symptoms returning and to avoid the “true death”.

    The motivation was to create a dependent market that they could continue selling to. If they had just released a one-time cure then they would have only received a one-time fee. But by creating a recurring market they created recurring income.

    Do you see how this relates to the diet industry?

    Effective or Semi-Effective Diets?

    By marketing to people who are desperate to lose weight the diet industry can make fast money and lots of it. But rather than actually targeting the main problem, which is body fat, and offering a real solution, which is permanent weight loss, they instead use the “carrot and stick” method.

    By offering diets and weight loss solutions that result in a small amount of weight loss, or huge weight loss that is only temporary, they never actually eliminate the problem. Their vast market stays intact and many dieters will actually become even more ravenous for new products or fad diets in the hope that this time they will reach their weight loss goals.

    Does any of this sound familiar to you?

    You may call me cynical but I have a reason to be. You see the solution to permanently eliminating excess body fat exists and is available right now!

    Popular media, which rarely benefits directly from the weight loss products or diets themselves, also tends to perpetuate diet myths.

    In their desire to sell more magazines or increase their viewing figures they often unwittingly help people fall into this diet trap by continually promoting the latest fad diet, which is usually based around the amazing weight loss results some celebrity has achieved, or the newest exercise marvel used by the latest pop sensation.

    Then, with each new run, comes another promise that this time they have the best diets for quick weight loss while conveniently forgetting their last best diets.

    The Idiot Proof Diet

    Due to the diet industry’s need for ever more weight loss solutions many diets and weight loss programs being promoted these days are becoming overly convoluted and unnecessarily strict.

    It really doesn’t need to be that way though.

    The best diets to lose weight are rarely promoted by popular media.

    Video outlines 3 ways to work with your body for easy weight loss

    Video outlines 3 ways to work with your body for easy weight loss

    Really effective diets have a foundation in established eating patterns that are based on body type and age and not at all based upon fad products, starvation tactics or the latest exercise gizmo.

    Studies have shown that it is possible to eat normal everyday foods in normal quantities and still lose weight super fast when you discover the best way to eat for you specifically.

    Years of research has shown that anyone can start losing weight almost immediately without having to starve the body or hit the gym every day.

    Obviously it is necessary to get your portions under control as no amount of low calorie substitutes or hard and fast exercises will combat an over indulgence of food.

    If you consume more calories than you use then you will get fat.

    However, when you learn how to eat for your body type and age you can actually eat larger portions than normal. This is easy to achieve as long as you focus on the foods that are appropriate for you and cut-down on, or avoid, foods that are detrimental to you specifically.

    When you eat in this way you will also be losing body fat as opposed to the water weight and/or muscle that is targeted by many mainstream and fad diets.

    Where to Find the Best Diets to Lose Weight

    Without a doubt the best diet to use is one that has been designed to target fat only and the best diet to burn fat will always be healthy and satisfying. It will not leave you feeling hungry and it will not deprive you of vitamins, nutrients or calories.

    In addition this diet will lead to the way you interact with food in the long-term and thus lead to permanent weight loss.

    In fact a truly effective weight loss approach will always include enough food to satisfy you while providing enough energy for even the most active of lifestyles.

    It will also include specific junk foods that can be eaten at specific times to help regulate your metabolic rate.

    It is a well established rule among elite fitness instructors and celebrity trainers that certain junk foods should be consumed at specific intervals, based on body type and previous calorie consumption, because these usually fattening foods actually boost metabolism and force the body to start burning fat when consumed in this way.

    That is something the diet industry keeps very quiet!

    So if you want a truly effective weight loss solution that is permanent and does not require a lot of will-power and you want to learn how to lose body fat rather than water and muscle you must learn how to work with your body and your age instead of against it.

    The 3 Day Diet For Rapid Weight Loss – The Military Diet Plan

    The Military 3 Day Diet

    For those busy people who know all they need to know about this military style approach to weight loss and have already reviewed the dangers of crash diets (and who also know that you can get the same results while eating more) you can find the 3 diet diet menu plan below.

    However, I strongly advise you to read on and learn more about this extreme rapid weight loss method before trying it as there are hidden dangers you need to be aware of.

    What is the 3 day diet?

    The 3 day diet is designed to help you lose a whopping 10 lbs in just 72 hours. Based around a military style approach you can be assured that this diet is both healthy and fat-burning in nature. At least it is as healthy as any crash diet can be.

    The 3 day diet is also known as the military diet

    The great thing about using this ‘3 day on’ and ‘4 day off’ approach is that you don’t feel like you are constantly counting calories and watching what you eat.

    Just three days of following a strict diet is enough to ensure rapid weight loss while allowing you to indulge in your favourite foods (in moderation) for the remaining four days.

    In addition you can be creative in how you use it.

    For example, 1 week on and 1 week off is enough to ensure you reach your weight loss goals in record time without feeling like you are constantly starving yourself or depriving yourself of your favourite foods.

    But you can also take a 1 week on 2 week off approach and, as long as you are eating in moderation and not overeating during your non-diet periods, you will still lose weight in the long run.

    Why a Military Diet Plan?

    This diet was was specially designed to help people who need to drop large amounts of weight quickly in the healthiest way possible.

    By following the guidelines given you can be sure that you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins to maintain your health while simultaneously depriving your body of calories and forcing it to burn up your fat reserves.

    Pros & Cons

    The immediate benefits of following this diet are pretty clear. Losing up to 10lbs in a week is dramatic and rapid weight loss by anyone’s standards.

    The secondary benefits of following a diet that involves only three days of semi-fasting are that it has great advantages over slow-paced calorie counting routines for a variety of reasons.

    The increased interest in crash diets such as the hollywood diet demonstrates that a growing majority of people prefer extreme diets that offer fast results over a slow paced approach.

    These days dieters prefer to deprive themselves of a vast range of foods and suffer seriously reduced quantities for short periods of time rather than counting calories on a daily basis over many weeks, months or even a life time.

    However, diets based on extreme fasting are often discouraged by health professionals who consider them to be dangerous. Similarly many fitness gurus also discourage the use of extreme diets because they often prove to be counterproductive.

    For a large percentage of dieters extreme crash diets can actually lead to weight gain in the long-term.

    Some people, when they come out of the diet phase, believe that they can now over indulge as they have lost weight during their fasting. Others experience pronounced hunger pains and tend to overeat as their body sends starvation signals to their brains.

    Alternatives to the 3 Day Diet

    The negative aspects to following a starvation diet all all to clear and although there is no question that following the 3 day diet plan will help you lose weight this is not the only way to achieve such dramatic weight loss?

    What is more there are alternatives to such extreme fasting diets that work just as well, if not even better, while allowing you to eat well and eat normal foods (including junk foods that work well with your particular body type & age).

    Three Day Diet Menu

    The 3 day diet is 3 days using the following plan and then 4 days eating normally. Do not give in to the temptation of overeating during the four day period or you will nullify the effort you put into your three semi-fasting days.

    DAY 1


    Day 1 Breakfast:

    1/2 Grapefruit

    1 Slice Toast

    2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter

    Coffee or Tea

    Day 1 Lunch:

    1 Slice of Toast

    1/2 Cup of Tuna

    Coffee or Tea

    Day 1 Dinner:

    2 Slices or 3 ounces of lean meat or low-fat vegan protein alternative

    3-day-Diet_Day-1-Dinner1 Cup of Green Beans

    1/2 Banana

    1 Small Apple

    1 Cup of low-fat ice Cream

    DAY 2

    Day 2 Breakfast:

    1 egg

    1 Slice Toast

    1/2 Banana

    3-day-Diet_Day-2-LunchDay 2 Lunch:

    Cup of Cottage Cheese

    1 Hard Boiled Egg

    5 Saltine Crackers

    Day 2 Dinner:

    3 day Diet Day 2 Dinner2 Hot Dogs without buns or sausages

    1 Cup of Broccoli

    1/2 Cup of Carrots

    1/2 Banana

    1/2 Cup of low-fat ice cream

    DAY 3

    Day 3 Breakfast:


    5 Saltine Crackers

    1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese

    1 Small Apple

    3 day Diet Day 3 LunchDay 3 Lunch:

    1 Hard-Boiled Egg

    1 Slice of Toast

    3-day-Diet_Day-3-DinnerDay 3 Dinner

    1 Cup of Tuna

    1/2 of a Banana

    1 Cup of low-fat ice cream

    Expected Results From Following the 3 Day Diet

    Although it is possible to lose up to 10lbs per week on the 3 day diet these results are not typical so don’t expect your results to be the same. There is no doubt that you will lose weight following this plan but every person is built different and, depending on your body type and your age, you may lose less or more weight.

    You should also be aware that the dramatic weight loss results you see in the beginning will start to wane and level out if you continue the the three day diet over a prolonged period. As you lose weight it takes less energy to run your body and you will therefore start to lose less weight unless your reduce your portions further. This is something that is not advised for health reasons.

    Dangers of Crash Diets & The Real Secrets to Rapid Fat Loss

    What Are Crash Diets?

    The clue to what this type of weight loss plan does lies in its name.

    Crash diets are not effective for fat loss nor as fast working or permanent as other modern methods

    Crash diets are not effective for fat loss nor as fast working or permanent as the other modern methods outlined below

    “Crash diets” are also often called “extreme diets” and, although numerous in variety and approach, they all have just 1 goal – to rapidly “crash” your weight to a lower level as quickly as is humanly possible.

    Although this sounds great in theory, and you can certainly find crash diets that work for short-term weight loss, all is not what it seems.

    Crash diets may lead to weight loss but this does not always equate to fat loss. Most of the weight lost is actually water and muscle.

    So if you are considering embarking on a crash diet then you should really ask 3 important questions:

    Is this approach is safe?

    Will it give me the results that I really want?

    What are the alternatives that do not involve such a huge calorie deficit?

    The Side Effects of Crash Diets

    What side effects can you expect if you go on a crash diet?

    Well, depriving yourself of sustenance in such an extreme manner can cause sever emotional turmoil for some people. Experiencing emotional lows is a very common effect that you should be prepared for.

    When you add the fact that you are also starving your body of nutrients and vitamins then tiredness can quickly take over and it can become extremely difficult to concentrate. For this reason many crash dieters only embark on their weight loss regime when they have time off work.

    Plain and simply being on a crash diet sucks!

    Crash diets can leave you drained physically & emotionally

    Crash diets can leave you drained physically & emotionally

    Because the body is deprived of energy in such a dramatic fashion, when you start a crash diet, it immediately goes into survival mode.

    When in survival mode the body starts burning muscle for energy leaving much of the unwanted fat reserves intact.

    So although you do lose weight you still keep most of the body fat and fatty appearance.

    There is also a ton of research that clearly shows how losing weight at a rapid rate in this specific way can be dangerous and self-defeating in the long-term for many reasons, some of which I will address in this post.

    What’s more, extensive scientific research into the internal workings of the human body has not only shown that crash dieting is counterproductive to fat loss but also that not every person reacts to food in the same way and some people may even gain weight from this approach. Many of us are aware of this, at least intuitively.

    How many times have you heard someone say “I only need to look at food to get fat” while telling you of numerous other people who can eat anything they want and not put on a single pound?

    The truth of the matter is that the person who puts on weight easily is actually eating in a way that is detrimental to their body type and age while a “naturally thin” person is actually eating in a way that is beneficial to their body type and age, albeit unconsciously.

    Depending on your unique body type and age these beneficial foods can actually include what we term “junk foods”!

    Based on this new information there are now breakthrough alternative weight loss programs that allow a dieter to eat more than usual and actually lose as much weight, and even more fat, as they would on a crash diet.

    How Low Calorie Diets Work

    Losing weight slowly is very often the standard advice dispensed by mainstream diet gurus.

    “Softly, softly, slowly, slowly”, would seem to be the the only healthy way to lose weight if you believed everything the established weight loss giants tell you in this age of safety conscious cultures.

    Safety, of course should always be paramount in mind when considering any drastic change to the body, but does a person truly need to take a year to lose the body fat they want to?

    Do you really need to pursue your weight loss goals at a snail’s pace by losing only a pound of body fat just once a week?

    Very l

    Very low calorie diets are a popular way to lose weight

    In the main the health industry pretty much always advocates losing weight at a slow pace by using a calorie controlled diet twinned with moderate exercise.

    There is no doubt this approach will work and is a great way to form new lifestyle habits but losing weight this way is painfully slow and completely unnecessary in the 21st Century because there are alternatives.

    Moderately low calorie diets designed to work over long periods of time will most definitely lead to weight loss as long as 1 important rule is observed.

    Rule 1 of a low calorie diet: Consume less calories than you burn.

    Even a small calorie deficit will lead to weight loss in the long-term as long as you constantly adjust your calorie intake to ensure you have a deficit as you shed body fat (as you lose weight it takes less energy to run your body).

    Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

    If only it were as easy to stick to such a diet as it is to explain it.

    Embarking on a calorie controlled diet that ensures you have a daily calorie deficit will help you lose weight but for it to be effective it must be used over the long-term.

    This means sticking to a strict diet plan over a long period of time without cheating. This can be wearisome for some people.

    For the majority of people, in this fast paced world, losing weight slowly is just not an option. They want to blast away their fat reserves in the fastest time possible!

    This is why extreme dieting has become more popular over the last few decades with most people using very low calorie diets or extreme exercise routines, or even both.

    Extreme crash diets have also become popular due to the fact that it is easier for many people to deny themselves a vast range of foods in the short-term rather than deny themselves certain or specific foods over the long-term.

    The Problem with Extreme Diets

    All extreme diets are based upon a calorie deficit in order to force your body to use reserve energy.

    Extreme diets, such as the Hollywood diet (the fasting drink), can create seemingly dramatic results but they are very short-lived and are not based in complete fat loss.

    This works exactly the same way for extreme diet pills and other more questionable weight loss aids based on depriving your body of calories.

    As I mentioned earlier, there is a standard in the weight loss industry that the safest way to lose weight is to lose only 1lb of body fat per week.

    Although in theory this sounds like an easy and safe way to lose weight in reality it would be a painfully slow process for most people.

    A crash diet that does not offer long-term fat loss

    A crash diet that does not offer long-term fat loss

    However, the reason for this standard is simple: a slow low calorie diet will help you eliminate body fat while most extreme diets do not target fat at all but actually cause you to lose muscle.

    Let me explain this in more detail.

    Any extreme diet, or slow diet, involving a calorie deficit is known as a “negative calorie diet”. All negative calorie diets force your body to use potential energy reserves in order to perform its functions. It is the aim of the diet to force your body to use its fat reserves as a source of this energy.

    However, when the calorie deficit, between what you consume and what you burn, is very large, as is the case with extreme crash diets, your body will use the quickest means at its disposal to produce the extra energy it needs. It does this by breaking down body fat and muscle.

    The Hollywood diet drink advertises that you can lose up to 10lbs in just 48 hours.

    However, starvation diets such as this are not helping you lose 10lbs of body fat. Yes, you will lose some body fat but you will also lose much-needed muscle and a ton of water.

    The real goal should be to lose body fat!

    Do Crash Diets Work?


    Extreme dieting does not help to burn off the excess fat in a way that is healthy, permanent and without damage.

    Extreme dieting carries health risks & rarely gives the results desired

    Extreme dieting carries health risks & rarely gives the results desired

    A dieter who forces their body to endure extreme measures will lose water and burn much-needed muscle.

    These types of diets will rarely lead to long-term weight loss either as your body’s extreme cravings will often drive you to uncontrollably binge eat when you come off your diet.

    As you learned earlier crash diets will also rob your body of its natural source of nutrients and vitamins.

    There are actually easier and more healthy ways to achieve the same weight loss just as fast without depriving your body of calories, nutrients, vitamins or energy while at the same time losing body fat instead of muscle.

    Following a Strict Diet Plan

    Almost all health professionals advise against the use of extreme diets. Following a strict diet plan based on sever negative calorie diet may appear to bring fast weight loss results but as we have already identified much of this weight loss is water and muscle, which is not desirable.

    It is actually more beneficial to build up your body’s muscles as the increased muscle mass leads to a higher metabolism as more energy is required just to move your body. Even at rest you will be burning more energy when you have a bigger muscle mass.

    Crash diets can be very bad for your health

    Crash diets can be very bad for your health

    Crash diets that work in the short-term are really not helpful in the long-term.

    The vast majority of people who lose weight this way, by essentially starving their bodies, will put all the weight back on and often end up heavier and fatter than they were before once their diet ends.

    So what are the alternatives?

    The Alternative to Very Low Calorie Diets

    By far the best way to approach weight loss is to target body fat only.

    Avoiding extreme diet and exercise programs and getting professional help to burn fat is the easiest way to ensure you are not causing any damage to your body and that you are not losing muscle.

    Although many popular diets will involve the “crash” approach there are some that are based on solid biological science and years of research.

    For example, some celebrity trainers have spilled the beans of Hollywood’s diet secrets; i.e. eat for age and eat for your body type. It seems certain body types react differently to certain food types and what may be bad for one person may not be bad for another.

    This explains why we often see stick-thin celebrities munching on hot dogs and other junk foods in paparazzi magazine pictures.

    Read more about creating a customised diet plan based on your unique body type and age here.