The Food Lovers Diet

Diets work; when you work them. But we all know that dieting sucks, especially for people who love food. Starving yourself on low calorie food plans and depriving yourself of those culinary luxuries that you like is not a great prospect if, like me, you enjoy eating. For this reason the Food Lovers Diet is the number 1 choice for those of us who love to eat.

But does it work?

Well the answer is “yes” and “no”. It does work but it may not work exactly as you hope because the system misses 2 key factors to weight loss as you will learn below.

What is The Food Lovers Diet?

The Food Lovers Diet is about keeping your sugar level at an even level and regulating “fast carbohydrate” intake. Like the more comprehensive approach offered by Kyle Leon in his Customized Fat Loss Plan the Food Lovers Diet targets fast carbs as a source of weight gain and substitutes other food sources for them.

Unlike Kyle’s diet (that also targets body type & age as factors for easy weight loss) the Food Lovers Diet only focuses on food types. So, in a way it is a much more basic version of the body type diet that allows you to eat almost anything you want within reason.

Of course that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. It does!

The Difference Between the Food Lovers Diet & Traditional Diets

Most fad diets, or even some of the more popular ones, encourage a reduction of 500 – 1000 calories per day in conjunction with a 500 calorie per day exercise regime.

standard boring dietOn very extreme weight loss regimes you can expect a reduction of up to 1,500 calories per day while being expected to participate in workouts designed to burn between 500 – 1000 calories 3 – 5 times per week.

For food lovers diets like this are not an option!

But on even the most conservative of diet plans we are told that in order to shed extra pounds and get into good shape it is necessary to cut down on our calorie intake by at least 500 calories per day while reducing our animal fat, vegetable fat and carbohydrates to a minimum.

In addition these diets also advocate mild to moderate daily exercise that burns at least 250 calories such as walking or gentle aerobics.

The Food Lovers Diet however is less concerned with what you are eating and more concerned with how you are eating it as opposed to the traditional view that you must regulate exactly what you eat and how much of it you do eat.

the food lovers fat loss systemWith a sensible approach to eating this diet is much more about changing your eating habits than it is about “dieting”. If you do it right it won’t feel like you are on a diet at all. It will probably just feel more like you are eating healthier, which you will be.

No foods are off-limits on this diet though you do need to reduce your portions of certain food types that lead to easy weight gain.

Food Lovers Fat Loss System Pros & Cons

As with just about everything in life there are pros and cons to this diet.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Food Lovers Diet – The Pros:

food lovers diet prosThe food lovers diet is not a traditional low-calorie, low-fat diet that requires you to deprive yourself of food nor does it require excessive exercise.

It is a healthy alternative way of eating that involves changing how you eat rather than changing what you eat.

By reducing specific food types and increasing your intake of their alternatives you will not be starving yourself and your actual intake of food will probably remain fairly similar to what you eat now.

As you follow the advice and restructure your meals to reflect a more balanced approach to carbs and protein the fat will start to come off you naturally without any additional work, almost like magic.

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight on a diet before you will be amazed at how fast you start to shed body fat.

This is a great approach to weight loss for anyone who loves to eat and also for those people who have had only sporadic, or even no, results from traditional diets in the past.

If you lack the desire to try yet another diet and no longer want to deprive yourself of your favourite culinary delights then you really should give this type of eating plan a go. Though we again stress that there are better alternatives (see below).

Food Lovers Diet- The Cons:

food lovers diet consAlthough the Food Lovers Diet does a great job of identifying the need to change how you eat in order to eliminate fast carbs from your diet it fails to take into consideration 2 other critical factors.

These 2 factors should be addressed by every diet to ensure it is successful for everyone who uses it and not just the fortunate few.


2 Key Factors the Food Lovers Diet Does Not Address:

  2. AGE


These two factors are often critical when it comes to weight loss. Almost no generic diet takes these factors into account and not including them can mean failure for a huge percentage of their users.

Anyone who has followed a strict diet and/or exercise regime and has not lost weight or only experienced mediocre results will almost certainly have unknowingly fallen foul of this fact.

body types femaleThere is good news though. There are alternatives to the Food Lovers Diet that offer all the same benefits of this eating plan but that also structure the entire diet to include the two critical factors of age and body type such as the body type diet mentioned previously.

Another glaring problem is that the Food Lovers Fat Loss System does not take advantage of the latest innovations in exercise for fat loss either.

body types maleAlthough the point of this type of diet is to eliminate the need to “diet & exercise” it does include some rudimentary exercises for those who want even faster results but the exercises are standard calorie burning “old school” aerobics.

Believe it or not there are actually simple exercises that burn up to 10 times more calories than normal aerobics and that laser target fat and that also raise your metabolism so your body continues to burn fat for up to 8 hours even if your vegged out watch TV – all from just 20 minutes exercise.

Be prepared though. Those 20 minutes are designed to make you sweat!

Okay we may be nit-picking here but at a cost of over $100 and with the lack of focus on a dieter’s age and a failure to help them identify how to eat for their body type along with a lack of inclusion of the most cutting-edge exercises available we think it is a little over-priced. Especially when the next best alternative has more information, a better track record and is less than half the price.

Food Lovers Diet Plan


  This is what you can expect from the Food Lovers Diet Package if you decide to buy it:

  •   Love to Eat Cookbook
  •   How to Make a Fat-Loss Plate
  •   Snack and Treat Guide
  •   Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards
  •   Food Lovers for Life
  •   Million Meals Menu Planner
  •   LOSE FAT AND KEEP IT OFF without giving up any of your favorite foods!
  •   21 Day Metabolism Makeover

    If you don’t mind paying twice as much for half the information and want to try the food lovers diet plan you can get the official system from Amazon here – Food Lovers Fat Loss System, 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, Guide CDs, Weight Loss Cookbook, Eating Out Guide, Workout DVDs & More

    Alternatives to The Food Lovers Diet

    For those of us who just love to eat there are several alternatives to the food lovers diet.

    However, by far the most effective way to lose weight, maintain that new weight while also still enjoying the process of eating tasty foods such as pasta, ice-cream and chocolate is by following a diet designed for your specific body type and your age. It also shows you how eating junk food at specific times will speed up your metabolism and includes some of the best HIIT exercises available today for ensuring your body continues to burn fat for many hours after your exercise has ended.