Tasty Foods That Burn Fat Fast

You may be aware that there are specific foods that can increase your metabolic rate and thus force your body to burn energy faster. These foods can be consumed in larger quantities than normal allowing you to eat more without the hassle of gaining weight. Similarly you can substitute these foods for your normal meals and eat your usual amounts and still lose weight.

not foods that burn fatYou may not be aware however that there are also super foods that literally burn fat as you eat them as well as foods that actually store their energy as body fat rather than fuel.

Fat Burning Versus Fattening

Understanding which foods burn fat and which ones store fat is the difference between losing weight effortlessly and having to work very hard at it.

Vegetables such as asparagus or cabbage, for example, require more energy to consume and digest than they supply as calories.

Now before you run off to the grocery store in search of the cabbage isle be aware that using foods that burn fat as your sole means of weight loss may sound great in theory but the actual reality of the situation is something quite different.

foods that burn fatEating cabbage soup every day numbs the taste buds and can become boring really quickly.

It also leads to physical and mental impairment due to tiredness.

The negative calorie intake may seem tempting but it comes at the cost of a lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and it can have some very undesirable effects on your general mood and temperament.

What’s more there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about these “super foods” and you could well be forcing yourself to eat these fat burning super foods without realising that all your efforts may be wasted due to the unnoticed fat storing foods you are eating along with them.

The Fastest Diet to Burn Fat

Using foods that burn fat as part of a diet is a great idea. Using them solely as a means to crash diet quickly is not!

Using fast weight loss tricks such as negative calorie foods can seem like the quickest way to achieving your weight loss goals but relying solely on them usually has the opposite outcome than the one you are desiring.

When you deprive your body of calories and much needed minerals, vitamins and macro-nutrients it starts to slow down your metabolism and sends your body into starvation mode: something you experience only too well when you begin eating again and find yourself gorging on huge amounts of food.

low body fatAlthough these super foods are among the best foods for fat loss they should only be used as part of a controlled dietary plan.

What’s more when you burn calories in this way you are not guaranteed to be burning fat. In starvation mode the body will burn muscle just as readily as it will burn fat.

You must use a diet to lose body fat and not one that also forces the body to burn muscle.

How do you burn fat and not muscle?

Well you must avoid sending your body into starvation mode and must eat in a way that targets fat only.

One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to use fat burning foods in conjunction with carb cycling.

Carb Cycling for Fat Loss

As well as using fat burning foods as bulk items on the plate good carb cycling diets allow you to eat a variety of high carb foods like pizza, pasta, ice-cream and even chocolate at specific times to kick your metabolism into high gear.

Celebrity trainer Kyle Leon explains 3 of the best fat loss tricks and how you should be eating these 5 junk foods that burn fat as part of your weight loss routine.

List of Negative Calorie Foods That Burn Fat

Below is a list of negative calorie foods that burn fat. Due to the low calorie value of each food it actually requires more energy to eat and digest it than it provides in calorie intake.

More simply put this means: the more you eat the more calories you burn.

Here is a list of negative calorie foods that burn fat:
Fruits: Vegetables Spices & Herbs:
apples asparagus anise
blueberries beans cayenne
cantaloupe sprouts chili peppers
cranberries beets cinnamon
grapefruits broccoli cloves
honeydew cabbage cumin
lemons/limes carrots cilantro
mangoes cauliflower coriander
oranges celery dill
papaya chicory/radicchio fennel seeds
peaches cucumbers flax seeds
pineapple endives garden cress
raspberries green beans garlic
strawberries jicama ginger
tangerines kale parsley
watermelon leeks onion
lettuce mustard seeds
radishes watercress

The Best Body Fat Loss Diet

Obviously it is possible to crash diet when you eat only the above foods and nothing else but this is really not desirable for the reasons mentioned earlier.

negative calorie foods that burn fatIt is much more advisable to incorporate these foods into your daily dietary routine as an aid to weight loss rather than as a crutch for fast weight loss.

However, whether you do decide to use only the above foods or to incorporate them into your meal plans you should be sure you understand which foods you should also be avoiding.

Just as there are fat burning negative calorie foods, which require more energy to digest than the food itself provides, there are also foods that can cause the body to immediately turn the energy provided into stored fat.

Knowing how to avoid fat storing foods is every bit as important as knowing which foods burn fat easily.