Hollywood Diet Secrets

This drink is based on fasting. In this post I reveal the REAL Hollywood secret to weight loss.

This drink is based on fasting. In this post I reveal the REAL Hollywood secret to weight loss.

The aim of this post is to reveal to you the real Hollywood diet that doesn’t involve starving yourself!

Forget the Hollywood Diet Drink

The new Hollywood diet drink is purely a low calorie liquid that is filled with vitamins & minerals that you could replicate for a few dollars by using ingredients you can get yourself from any drug store.

This is fad diet and is based purely on fasting (i.e. not eating) and exercise.

As you progress through this post you will discover the real weight loss secrets that celebrities use to burn fat fast while continuing to eat large healthy meals.

If there is any place on Earth that the diet industry can claim as its own and use as a “postcard” example of what diet and fitness is all about then it is in Hollywood.

When you look at how “A” list actors, rock stars and socialites can shed body fat faster than some of us change bed clothes, it often makes us “lesser mortals” feel inferior because most of us find it difficult to shed even a single pound in a week.

Celebrity Diets

In the past when I would see an actor drop 20lbs in a matter of weeks, for a new role or red carpet event, I first believed that it was due to something unique and special within that person.

Beyonce follows a strict vegan diet but can eat as much as she wants on it

Beyonce follows a strict vegan diet & can eat as much as she wants on it

As I grew older and wiser I started to think that this super-fast weight loss was down to the incredible self discipline many of these actors exhibit. However, I as continued on my own weight loss journey by spending hours in the gym while practically starving myself, this notion of self discipline being the answer soon slipped away.

It was only after much research, and a lot of rice cakes later, that I discovered how pop stars like Beyonce, socialites such as Kim Kardashian and even former US Presidents like Bill Clinton burn fat and stay in shape without obsessing about food or exercise.

Along with a host of other celebrities, who drop fat fast and get into great shape in record time, I knew there had to be something that they had access to that the rest of us normally do not.

For example, do you know that beyonce follows a strict vegan diet that lets her eat as much as she wants?

Celebrity Diet Plans

Let’s face it celebrity diets are in high demand. And for good reason. They are renowned for being fast, effective and for having the “wow” factor. At least for Hollywood stars that is!

You are bombarded with the promise that if you want to get into the best shape of your life then you can be assured that following the diet & fitness regime of an “A” list celebrity will get you there.

But, unfortunately, many magazines and websites promoting the latest fad weight loss wonders such as the “Beyonce diet”, “Kim Kardashian diet” or even the “Bill Clinton diet” are only telling half the story at best or, at worst, are merely marketing strategies being used by unauthorized third parties to push a new weight loss product.

kim_kardashian_dietRegardless of what the latest celeb mag tells you, how do you know for sure that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian don’t take some exotic diet pills or go get liposuction from a discreet weight loss clinic?

You don’t!

In fact this is exactly what happens in many cases. I mean do you really believe that some celebrities exist purely on the Hollywood Cookie Diet?

I doubt it. It wouldn’t be healthy for a start and the lack of energy would be untenable for a busy actor or socialite.

So what do these celebrities have access to that we do not? What allows them to eat more than enough food to fuel their hectic lifestyles without losing precious networking and paparazzi time to the gym?

The Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood diet has long been kept a secret but now the cat is out of the bag.

What’s the secret?

The secret is that all the diets of Hollywood stars and “A” list celebrities are customized!

Hollywood_dietThat’s right. The difference between a typical Hollywood star’s diet and your’s is that they have a personal nutritionist and a personal trainer – usually the same person.

What difference does this make?

Well, most of you reading this will will believe that it is the personal attention, along with the one-on-one coaching and motivation, that makes the difference and you would be right to a certain extent. However, the benefits go much further than just these.

You see not everyone reacts to food and exercise in the same way. Therefore not everyone will get the same results from a generic diet or exercise program. The best trainers and weight loss experts know this.

Therefore, when a fitness expert takes on a celebrity client he or she will do some research into their new client and create a totally unique and individual eating and exercise plan just for them.

So How Can a Customized “Kardashian Diet” Help You?

It can’t!

Unless of course you have the same body type as the Kardshaian you are mimicking and are also the same age with a similar lifestyle.

The truth is that any generic weight loss program will probably not work for you unless you accidentally find one that is suited to your unique body type, age and lifestyle.

So the bottom line is that following the kim kardashian diet plan, beyonce diet plan, or any diet plan for that matter that has been designed specifically for another individual, will do you no good unless you are a similar age have a similar figure or physique and follow a lifestyle with similar daily activities.

Customizing Your Own Diet

There is good news that comes from discovering the Hollywood diet secret however.

kyle leonCreating your own customized diet plan is much easier than you may think and you don’t need a personal trainer or nutritionist on your private staff to do it.

Although there are several key elements to creating your own customized diet plan 2 of the main components involve your body type and your age.

By identifying your unique body type and following some simple advice you can actually start cutting the fat from your body without having to cut down on your portions (if you are a normal eater). Obviously if you are overeating presently then you will need to change your eating habits or no diet will work.

However for many people, shifting to a diet based on their body type and age often leads to eating more rather than less as depriving yourself of food is completely unnecessary.

You see, each body type handles different foods in different ways and foods that help one person to burn fat may cause excess fat storage in another.

Once you identify which body type group you belong to you can identify which foods you should avoid, or at least eat less of, and which foods you can bulk up on. These foods are not the generic “avoid chips” and “eat celery” types – you may be able to eat chips!

Likewise, your age determines how your body deals with very specific food types. For example as you grow older your body finds it more difficult to convert complicated carbohydrates into energy and therefore stores them as fat reserves regardless of your caloric intake.

For the price of entering your email address you can watch celebrity trainer Kyle Leon describe in detail how the customized diet works where he also gives you 3 killer tips that you can put into action immediately for super results (you also get a free report with additional tips & tricks which are actually quite useful) – believe it or not one of these tips involves eating junk food.

Celebrity trainer explains all

Celebrity trainer’s video explains it all

To Sum it All Up

Celebrity diets that are pushed in magazines and on websites are rarely the only thing celebrities are using to lose and/or maintain their weight. You are only being told half the story.

Always look at what is being pushed or promoted in an article before diving in and believing everything you are being told. Most celebrity diets are totally customized and unique. So the next time you open a magazine or website and read the ingredients in the latest Beyonce diet plan think about that!

Hollywood stars can lose weight quickly while maintaining high energy levels because they do not follow a generic diet and exercise plan. They use a secret.

The Hollywood diet secret is that all celebrity diets are customized to the individual on the diet.

Celebrities use personal trainers and nutritionists to ensure the diet they follow keeps them lean, fit and full.

If you cannot afford a personal trainer and nutritionist as your private staff then you need to follow a customized diet based on your body type and your age (which is the next best thing).

Celebrity trainer Kyle Leon explains how a customized diet works and gives you 3 tips you can implement immediately to start blasting away fat – one of them involves eating junk food (before you watch the video you will need to enter your email address so you can receive a free weight loss report packed with more Hollywood weight loss tips and tricks).