21st Century Diets. How to Lose Body Fat Fast

The 21st Century has seen the diet industry explode as obesity reaches epidemic proportions within the western world, But even though the diet industry is growing larger every year it seems to be getting less effective. Why is this?


The best diets show you
how to lose body fat permanently

Surely in this modern era we have enough knowledge, expertise and new century tools to eliminate body fat and obesity once and for all.

Well the truth is, modern, fast working, fat-busting methods do exist but it is not in the interests of the diet industry to make them available to you.

As the general populace expand their waistlines many in the diet and weight loss industry merely expand their wallets.

Truthfully it is more beneficial for the diet industry when the obesity problem is exasperated than if it were eliminated. This may sound counter intuitive but you will understand why this with the following simple analogy.

True Blood or New Blood?

While I was watching the final season of the hit show “True Blood” I was actually reminded of how the diet industry works (and many other industries for that matter).

The story in True Blood is analogous of the diet industry

The story in True Blood is analogous of the diet industry

Basically for those who have never watched the show it centers on the integration of vampires into the general population thanks to the invention of synthesized blood (so they no longer need to feed on humans) known as “Tru Blood”.

In the last season of the show the story line involved the entire worldwide stock of Tru Blood being injected with a virus which, once consumed, lead to terrible symptoms for vampires and eventual “true death”. This obviously lead to mass infections among their populace.

Well, to cut a long story short the makers of Tru Blood found an antidote for the virus very quickly but did not want to release it to the vampire population because it was too effective!

Instead they decided to develop a weaker solution that didn’t cure the vampires but instead eliminated the symptoms temporarily. This meant every infected vampire needed to continue taking the substance, which they called “New Blood”, regularly to stop the symptoms returning and to avoid the “true death”.

The motivation was to create a dependent market that they could continue selling to. If they had just released a one-time cure then they would have only received a one-time fee. But by creating a recurring market they created recurring income.

Do you see how this relates to the diet industry?

Effective or Semi-Effective Diets?

By marketing to people who are desperate to lose weight the diet industry can make fast money and lots of it. But rather than actually targeting the main problem, which is body fat, and offering a real solution, which is permanent weight loss, they instead use the “carrot and stick” method.

By offering diets and weight loss solutions that result in a small amount of weight loss, or huge weight loss that is only temporary, they never actually eliminate the problem. Their vast market stays intact and many dieters will actually become even more ravenous for new products or fad diets in the hope that this time they will reach their weight loss goals.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You may call me cynical but I have a reason to be. You see the solution to permanently eliminating excess body fat exists and is available right now!

Popular media, which rarely benefits directly from the weight loss products or diets themselves, also tends to perpetuate diet myths.

In their desire to sell more magazines or increase their viewing figures they often unwittingly help people fall into this diet trap by continually promoting the latest fad diet, which is usually based around the amazing weight loss results some celebrity has achieved, or the newest exercise marvel used by the latest pop sensation.

Then, with each new run, comes another promise that this time they have the best diets for quick weight loss while conveniently forgetting their last best diets.

The Idiot Proof Diet

Due to the diet industry’s need for ever more weight loss solutions many diets and weight loss programs being promoted these days are becoming overly convoluted and unnecessarily strict.

It really doesn’t need to be that way though.

The best diets to lose weight are rarely promoted by popular media.

Video outlines 3 ways to work with your body for easy weight loss

Video outlines 3 ways to work with your body for easy weight loss

Really effective diets have a foundation in established eating patterns that are based on body type and age and not at all based upon fad products, starvation tactics or the latest exercise gizmo.

Studies have shown that it is possible to eat normal everyday foods in normal quantities and still lose weight super fast when you discover the best way to eat for you specifically.

Years of research has shown that anyone can start losing weight almost immediately without having to starve the body or hit the gym every day.

Obviously it is necessary to get your portions under control as no amount of low calorie substitutes or hard and fast exercises will combat an over indulgence of food.

If you consume more calories than you use then you will get fat.

However, when you learn how to eat for your body type and age you can actually eat larger portions than normal. This is easy to achieve as long as you focus on the foods that are appropriate for you and cut-down on, or avoid, foods that are detrimental to you specifically.

When you eat in this way you will also be losing body fat as opposed to the water weight and/or muscle that is targeted by many mainstream and fad diets.

Where to Find the Best Diets to Lose Weight

Without a doubt the best diet to use is one that has been designed to target fat only and the best diet to burn fat will always be healthy and satisfying. It will not leave you feeling hungry and it will not deprive you of vitamins, nutrients or calories.

In addition this diet will lead to the way you interact with food in the long-term and thus lead to permanent weight loss.

In fact a truly effective weight loss approach will always include enough food to satisfy you while providing enough energy for even the most active of lifestyles.

It will also include specific junk foods that can be eaten at specific times to help regulate your metabolic rate.

It is a well established rule among elite fitness instructors and celebrity trainers that certain junk foods should be consumed at specific intervals, based on body type and previous calorie consumption, because these usually fattening foods actually boost metabolism and force the body to start burning fat when consumed in this way.

That is something the diet industry keeps very quiet!

So if you want a truly effective weight loss solution that is permanent and does not require a lot of will-power and you want to learn how to lose body fat rather than water and muscle you must learn how to work with your body and your age instead of against it.