Learn How to Lose Weight Fast without Starving Yourself

If you want to learn how to lose weight fast you need a fat-busting solution that not only gets super quick results but that also gets results that are permanent.

In order to shed the extra pounds and get into good shape you must be willing to put in the effort needed to burn more than the daily standard of 500 calories generally advised on diet sites.

how to lose weight fastThe truth is that losing weight fast can be tough work.

Before you begin you must make the mental shift in your own attitude.

Being determined and focused is by far the most important step to any weight loss program.


How to Lose Weight Fast & Permanently

If you want to lose weight faster than normal then you will need to eat less and exercise more.

As with all types of fitness programs you must ensure you do this safely and don’t overdo any of your efforts.
Generally you are advised not to cut your calories below 1,000 calories per day. It is believed by many health professionals that reducing your calorie intake any further is dangerous to your health and could have long-term negative effects on your body.

Having said that there are diets that exist which advocate a lower calorie intake but these diets usually involve some kind of supplement to ensure the dieter gets their necessary minerals and vitamins.

It is possible to cut carbs from your diet and increase your intake of food and still lose weight. Many people gain weight due to a high carb, high fat diet or both.

Immediate Weight Loss

Reducing your salt intake and limiting the starches in your diet can have an immediate weight loss effect as your body reduces its fluid retention. Many people mistake this for fat loss and become disillusioned when their weight loss slows down after its initial fast start.

You should note the eliminating fluid is a normal part of weight loss in the beginning.

Fast Weight Loss Diets

To lose weight fast you need to attack your body fat on two fronts. The first battleground is diet.

Just cutting down on your calorie intake will result in weight loss but to accelerate the process you will probably need to completely revamp your regular dietary requirements and change how you eat.

Start by eliminating starches, added sugars, and as much animal fat as you can. When buying meat ensure it is lean and cut off any access fat. Avoid as many dairy foods as you can.

As a general rule – if it’s white don’t eat it. This generally covers butter and dairy products.

Obviously there are exceptions such as poultry, lean pork and cauliflower but most white food stuffs are either high in fat or are overly processed (such as white bread).

Chose the wholegrain or brown option. These will be high in fiber and offer much more “good” carbs than their white counterparts. Brown rice and wholegrain bread are good examples.

Eat more on fruits be careful to avoid high carb or sugar food such as bananas and grapes – at least in the beginning.

Bulk up on vegetables as they will fill your stomach and make you feel satiated after eating without adding much in way of calories, carbs or fat to your diet.

Drink plenty of water as it will fill you up and flush out undesirables in your system.

Fast Weight Loss Diet Tips

Follow these simple but powerful guidelines to reduce body fat in record time:

  • Reduce your daily calorie intake to the minimum that is safe fro you personally based on your age, sex, height and current weight.
  • Change your diet. Remove all foods that personally create cravings in you. Potato chips, biscuits and chocolates etc., should be removed from your home or put away from your immediate gaze.
  • Drink lots of water to fill you up and flush your system.
  • Reduce your coffee and tea intake as the extra calories coming from the milk and sugar all adds up. The caffeine may also affect your sleep cycle causing an increase of certain hormones that are connected to appetite stimulation.
  • Bulk up on vegetables as they are a great source of minerals and vitamins, will fill you up and are extremely low in calories, fat and carbs.
  • Start a Food Journal and keep track of what you are eating and when you eat. Write down how you have been feeling during the day and make note of particularly difficult times – you will start to see patterns and find it much easier to work your day and eating around them.
  • If you feel bored go do something – anything! Boredom often leads to eating.

How to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise

Of course dieting is only half the story when it comes to losing weight quickly. You also need to exercise.

You may believe that there exists some magic diet or magic pill that can melt away fat while you sit watching television on the couch but believe me when I say they do not exist. If you truly want to lose weight fast then you be prepared to accept that you need to exercise and you must be willing to actually do the exercising!

Now, “exercise” is a word that usually frightens most people. But once you start exercising and seeing the results you will soon get hooked. Follow these tips to get the most from your exercise sessions and to see the fastest results possible. These type of exercises can burn up to 1000 calories per day.

Fast Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Dieting isn’t enough – you must exercise as well. Be sure to check with your doctor or medical professional before embarking on ANY exercise routine. If it is safe for you to do so follow these guidelines:

  • Exercise for at least 1 hour per day.
  • You can split your exercise regime into two 30 minute sessions or four 15 minute sessions.
  • Interval training uses up more energy and burns more fat than regular exercise. Additionally interval training causes your body to continue burning fat at an elevated rate for up to 8 hours after the exercise is completed.
  • Use high intensity interval training rather than regular cardio exercises. This will allow you to exercise for less time yet reap 10 times the results.
  • To use high intensity interval training: Whatever exercise you are doing go at it hard for 2 minutes. Afer the 2 minute stint go slow for 1 minute. Then resume the “all-out” approach for another two minutes. Repeat this over the length of your exercise session.
  • Get plenty of rest. Believe it or not your body needs rest to burn fat. Neglect rest and you will cause your body to release harmful chemicals like the stress hormone cortisol into your bloodstream which makes fat burning difficult.
  • Be persistent. Don’t start missing exercise sessions or it will soon become a habit. Form the habit of never missing an exercise session. Remember when you hit your ideal weight you can scale down on your exercising as maintenance is much easier than the initial effort to reach your weight (as long as you keep exercising and eating properly).
  • Visualise yourself the way you want to be and revel in the positive feelings associated with it. This will keep you motivated and actually begin to program your mind and body with your vision.

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