Weight Loss Hypnosis

With the diet industry’s bloated bank balance expanding faster each year than the country’s wasitelines it is no surprise that many people looking for effective weight loss solutions are turning to alternative forms of “treatment”. hypnosis for weight lossThe dis-satisfaction with fad diets and the lack of permanent results from the more popular programs has led many dieters to seek out new approaches to an age old challenge.

Hypnosis is one such approach with a ton of evidence supporting the claims from the hypnotherapy community that it can create weight loss successes where everything else has failed.

Using hypnosis for weight loss is not as strange at it may sound. With a host of celebrity endorsements weight loss hypnosis has become a huge favourite within the music, movie and TV industries. So it is no wonder this form of “dieting” is becoming so popular with the rest of us.

But is weight loss hypnosis truly the holy grail for wannabe weight watchers or is it all just hype? The answer to that question is not straight forward but is very interesting all the same.

How Hypnosis Works

Many people reading this post will know hypnosis from its most common use as an entertainment tool. Watching people prance around the stage acting like chickens or believing that they are Eminem can be hilarious. But, as we move deeper into the 21st Century and our science develops a better understanding of the connection between mind and body more and more people are turning to the power of hypnosis for more practical applications with weight loss being one of the most popular.

weight loss hypnosisWhen we understand how hypnosis actually works and what it does to your mind it seems more than reasonable to assume that it can be used as a weight loss tool.

During a hypnotic state it is possible for a skilled hypnotist to alter your thought processes and beliefs to such an extent that you can see, hear and believe that things are there that are not really there or even remove your ability to see things that are actually there right in front of you.

What’s more someone who is in this deep hypnotic state and is susceptible to the post hypnotic suggestions can be awakened from the hypnotic state and they will carry out instructions given to them while they were hypnotized.

An example of this can be seen below where a hypnotist tells one of his hypnotized audience members that when he gives her a raw onion she will eat it believing that it is really a tasty apple.

What is somewhat scary is that such post hypnotic suggestions will remain active until the hypnotist removes them or a dramatic life-event alters the new belief!

The good news is that this same process can be used in super positive ways.

The ability of a skilled hypnotist to alter your internal beliefs in this way can lead to some very entertaining escapades but just think for a moment how changing your beliefs, preferences, likes and dislikes could be of benefit to you in your life especially as that relates to weight loss.

Before we venture into how hypnosis can be used to cause effortless and rapid weight loss (yes I did say “effortless”) let’s first highlight the problems that cause weight gain so we better understand how hypnosis can target and eliminate them.

Overeating, Convenience & Processed Foods Are Not The Only Problem

Eating is not just a biological urge our body uses to maintain its health and vitality (and life-force). In our society food is often used as a comfort, crutch or just for pure pleasure and, while there is nothing wrong with enjoying food, when we use it as a source for enjoyment it oftentimes leads to overeating.

Likewise in our modern civilization we have encouraged the growth of the fast food industry to meet the demands of our fast paced lives.

Even our grocery food is heavily influenced by this fast paced ethos. Over-the-counter prepacked food is mass produced in such a way that it contains huge amounts of fat, relies too heavily on fat-producing carbohydrates for taste while it lacks many of the daily required vitamins and minerals we need.

processed foodsObviously losing weight could be much easier if we didn’t have a propensity for eating such foods.

A plate full of low-fat, low carb, high fiber alternatives would not only make us feel better than the usual fast food or processed garbage we digest, it would also lead to rapid weight loss.

The problem most of us face is simple though; a double cheese burger in a high-carb overly processed bun tastes better than a carrot laden salad.

Then there is the problem with weight loss itself. Even if we eat the right foods most of us also like to eat more food than our body needs.

The Problem With Weight Loss

We all know how weight loss works. It is a combination of eating less and exercising more.

By simply reducing the amount of calories we consume to a level just below our daily requirements and taking some moderate exercise, such as walking, weight loss and especially body fat elimination, becomes inevitable.

This simple equation sums up how to lose weight:

Eating less calories than you need + more exercise = inevitable weight loss.

Sounds simple enough and this simple view of weight loss is so effective that some celebrity dieters have even created controversy around it.

Of course we know that just because something looks and sounds simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to do!

Although weight loss sounds simple, and with help it can be, the process of following the above equation seems extremely difficult for a vast amount of people. For them it feels as though they may as well be trying to follow an Einstein equation on special relativity!

Why is this? Why do some people find it so difficult to follow a weight loss plan while others can seemingly eat what they want never needing to diet or perform exercise routines in order to keep slim?

Well, the answer is just as simple as the weight loss equation above;

naturally thin people have more moderate eating habits, and tend to engage in more natural calorie burning activities, than their more weight-challenged counterparts.

Research has shown that people who are naturally thin and that remain thin for the greater part of their lives without consciously trying to control their weight have unique eating and exercise habits that most other people do not have.

How Naturally Thin People Stay Slim

Naturally thin people have built up the habit of eating only what their body needs; they rarely over-eat. These seemingly lucky individuals have also been identified as being very active. For example instead of walking up a flight of stairs they run and instead of taking the car to the shop they walk. They do little extra things during the day that go almost unnoticed yet over the course of the day help them to burn a lot of extra calories that would otherwise be turned to fat in the body.

It is believed that an average person takes 10,000 steps per day. Naturally thin people will often have passed this step count before lunch time without feeling like, or looking to others like, they have been engaged in any form of exercise.

Works for me too!

Works for men too!

When we look at the evidence it becomes clear that exercise is not the only reason naturally thin people never gain excess weight.

It looks to others that these people can eat whatever they want because a naturally thin person will not regulate the type of food they eat for weight related reasons only abstaining from certain food types because of preference.

However, although they eat whatever they want they do not over-eat. If you start paying attention to the eating habits of someone you know who falls into this category you will notice that they often eat much less than everyone else.

Although they may eat a high carbohydrate pasta dish and have a slice of cake afterwards they will most likely leave food on their plate unfinished at the end of the meal.

Naturally thin people are also much more in-tune with the messages their body sends them telling them their stomach is full and that they should stop eating.

Many of these people also have preferences for low fat, low carb food stuffs only occasionally eating the alternatives. Many of them prefer fresh organic foods over processed prepackaged easy-to-cook meals.

Maintaining a slim physique is therefore literally effortless for these people because it is natural for them to do the things that keep them slim.

Mental Diets

As we have seen naturally thin people have a different relationship to food and exercise than everyone else.

mental dietSo, imagine for a moment that you could start to think and act like a naturally thin person.

Imagine that your preferences for food stuffs were changed to mirror that of the people mentioned above, that your capacity for eating were reduced and that you automatically wanted to do simple daily activities that blasted away excess fat reserves from your body.

Does that metal picture look appealing to you?

Well according to just about every hypnotherapist is existence this state can actually be yours. If the research into hypnotic weight loss is to be believed you can become a naturally thin person very easily regardless of your current weight by simply reprogramming your brain and body to behave like a thin person.

This is where hypnosis proves to be an invaluable tool.

Using hypnosis for weight loss is based on the premise that all weight loss starts in the mind and that through “naturally thin thinking” anyone can effortless achieve a slim. healthy physique.

We have covered this topic of mental diets before but never offered the fastest solution to acquiring these new thought processes. So let’s do that now.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis can be viewed as a form of hypnotherapy.

As we have seen how naturally thin people can maintain their low body fat levels by having a healthy relationship to food and exercise it stands to reason that anyone who is battling the bulge does not have the same type of relationship.

In fact people who carry excess weight usually display behaviors that are the opposite of many, if not all, the behaviors of naturally thin people as related to food and daily activities.

If you are over-weight and carrying extra body fat it goes without saying that you could benefit from using a tool designed to change your relationship to food and exercise in a way that mirrors people who never need to diet or exercise and never feel like they are on a diet or exercising.

Weight loss hypnosis has proven to be such a tool.

Even Oprah has promoted weight loss hypnosis.

After just a few sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist you can begin to change your eating and exercise habits and start to see real tangible results. Although, seeking the help of an expert on a one-on-one situation is the ideal way to approach weight loss hypnosis it can be expensive.

There are alternatives however. There are self hypnosis weight loss products available on CD, video and for immediate download that are just as effective and available at a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one session would cost.

Plus I always think that testing new things should be as low in cost as possible. If you start to see good results from using a downloaded hypnosis session and think you could gain extra benefit from a more personal touch your initial investment will have been well worth it.

If the weight loss hypnosis doesn’t work as well as you expected then you will have saved yourself a lot of money.

So, if you can see the advantage of being able to change your behaviors around food and exercise to mirror those of the naturally thin you should consider trying an immediately downloadable hypnotic weight loss session or should at least read some weight loss hypnosis reviews on reputable sites such as this review of a more advanced hypnotic weight loss program.

It is true that using self hypnosis for weight loss can be the difference between effortless weight loss and struggle. When you use this approach in conjunction with a proven diet plan though you will be assured success and attain it without the struggle, pain and frustration that often accompanies standard diets.

Weight loss can be either simple or impossible. The choice is yours.